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April Bell – winner of ‘Advanced Apprentice of the Year’ at the Yorkshire and Humberside National Apprenticeship Awards in 2015 – has purchased the business where she began her career with assistance from 7Legal and Finance. 

GTS Solutions appoints first female operations director

GTS Solutions CIC, one of Scotland’s most successful social enterprises, has appointed Tracey Smith as its first operations director.

Frankie Woodgate, horse logger, takes on Brighton Marathon for SPANA

Four legs may be better than four wheels when it comes to environmental forestry but Frankie Woodgate, one of the UK’s few female...

Would you tell you partner about your debt?

When making your wedding vows, you might not have agreed to “honour and obey” but probably kept in the “for richer or...

Grandparents save UK parents £161.1bn every year

An investigation by tombola has revealed that grandparents save the UK’s parents an average of £161.1bn every year by providing informal childcare for their...

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