Are you at a crossroads and want to know what’s next?

There is the oft quoted saying of ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’ and if you read the habits of the very successful, almost without exception they will have all started with a plan. So why is it important and does it really matter? We asked Clarity Alignment Coach, Martina K, what caused her to follow one particular direction over another. Her story is one to make you stop and consider for a moment.

“Are you planning to stay in London?” My sister asked me recently.
“I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen and since I can work from my laptop, I can pack myself and go anywhere I want to.” I replied.
“You don’t have a plan?! You, who was telling me to create the one?!”
“No, I don’t have an exact plan of each step but I know where I want to go.”
“Ohhh…” was the reaction of my sister following by a long quiet moment.
I could hear her mind screening through thoughts, even her eyes showed a sign of slight confusion.
She found herself at a crossroads. She likes her work but … she lives on autopilot and in her comfort zone. Her children are grown-ups now and as days, weeks, and years pass by she feels more empty than fulfilled. While she is not clear what’s happening exactly yet, she feels she needs change.
“Do I need to plan? Or will it come to me?” She asked me whispering to break the silence.
I could feel her and before I gave her a clear answer, all my memories came back to me. It felt like those 5 years of my new journey were happening yesterday.

There is always another side of the story

I was there too. It’s not an easy position to be in but it’s also a beautiful one. Being honest with yourself and admitting that you want more from life than you currently have, is an act of bravery.

It doesn’t make you unappreciative, it doesn’t mean you are not grateful for what you have, it is just a sign that you want to grow and use your full potential. I didn’t look at this situation as I can see it now back then. I know. It’s scary, confusing, frustrating but exciting at the same time, isn’t it?

Just close your eyes for the moment and imagine:
World is wildly open to you and full of other possibilities waiting for you and you can choose whatever you want…
you can choose anything. Maybe your old dream has awakened now. Maybe now it’s your time to do something about it. Maybe you want to experiment and try something completely new you read in books so far. Just imagine all those possibilities…

I tried to explain a different point to my sister. It felt like it was my job to guide her because I have been through that journey already. Before I continued I dig deeper with my memories. I had no idea what I wanted, how, or where to start back then. The only thing I knew was I didn’t like my life back then.

The Perfect Planner

So I started to experiment and was questioning almost everything. My habits, what I was doing, why I was doing it, who I was, and what I wanted from my life.

Although I was managing the calendars and life of other people, my life … was nothing like that. I had no idea what I wanted most of my life and afraid of commitments and possible failures.

I knew I had to change something. I wanted to change! Because I didn’t like the results I was getting so I went for the opposite. I started to plan almost everything. Like my friend did for many years and who I call “Perfect planner”.

She plans so far ahead. She already knows what to buy for Christmas for each family member she got the plan where to go on holiday next year, yes, the year after this one. She always shocked me how scary and fascinating planning can be at the same time.

I used to be the total opposite. I loved surprises, I was telling myself. I never planned anything in advance, I always left things to happen at the last minute. My life was a total reflection of it and total mess. I had no idea what or where I was going on holiday so I ended up going nowhere. Because of no plans, I had no budget left for it most of the time.

During Christmas, I ended up buying the most expensive flight ticket because I bought them at the last minute. My friend bought them early in the summer as soon as they were on sale. Of course, she got the best price and the best place, as always.

I was really proud of myself for how flexible I am and that I always found a way to “make it”. Yep, just to “make it” and on my own expenses.

So I learned about different habits and planning. I learned that if you want to make things happen to you, you need to plan them.

Stop and listen to your inner voice

Then the big lesson came: The year 2020 when it all taught us that things can change any minute and any time to all of us. No matter how much or how well you plan in advance. Life is full of surprises and keeps teaching us humble lessons.

Lesson we were ignoring for a long time. Lesson to teach us or remind us that the most important answers we are looking for are within us. Planning did not work any longer. Not for myself not even for my friend. We all were forced to stop for a while and just listen.

To listen to our inner voice. Listen to your soul instead of your mind. So that you can hear your calling. What’s your heart got to say to you. Listen to your inner power and that inner whisper.
No matter how scary it is, how illogical it may sound or that it doesn’t make any sense to anyone.
There are moments in life when you need to listen your heart. Moments when important decisions about our life are within us.
This time I asked myself the same question as my sister did earlier.
Does planning work or do you let things happen to you?
I took a deep breath and confidently replied:
Plan to follow your heart and have faith because everything is working for you and not against you.
You can’t plan everything in your life but you can plan to trust and have faith no matter what is happening to you or around you. If you tune to who you are it will get you where you want to be. Your dreams and desires are here to show you your direction.

So I did exactly the same. I have learned new habit and perfecting it each and every day: I have become the “perfect planner of my inner voice”.

Do you believe you can or can’t?

Isn’t it funny that we plan all the time? Either you plan to make things happen or plan not to plan.
The old me chose to plan nothing because I did not believe in my dreams. That something better could come to me.
“Either you believe you can or can’t, you are right”, said Henry Ford. He was right.

Your plan starts with a little thought. Your dream. The belief there is a better life for you. The better version of yourself.

Martina K is a clarity alignment coach helping you to become an inspiring leader of life you want and would love.
Her own personal transformation journey has changed her soul searching passion into mission to spread the important message she discovered herself: YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN REALITY. Till these days she is Educator, Dreamer, Woman and Spiritual human being committed to live her ideal day every day and help others do the same.
She teaches the importance of self-awareness, mastering yourself and your inner world as the core solution to most problems and as a main key to living the life you truly desire.
Because it all starts with YOU!