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You are at the heart of your business and, indeed, at the very centre of your own world. Living on planet Earth, held in place by gravity, hurtling through space and leading the very best life that is possible. This Universe sends us energy in the form of stars, asteroids, planets which we can choose to use.

And so, is it surprising to take a moment to consider using that energy for you and for your business?

Alison Smith invites you to just read on and think about putting some simple actions in place. It may, just as it did for her, open up a curiosity and awareness of this amazing Universe in which we live.

When we are born it is under a unique map of the stars. Actually, every moment has a unique map of the stars which will never be seen again. All of the stars, planets, asteroids will move at different times and in different orbits. And so, the patterns they make are always completely different and, as Alison said, never to be seen again!

Astrology really is very easy as we are all natural astrologers because it’s in our psyche! We have it inbuilt within us all to look at the stars and use what we see for time-keeping and navigation. For example, our ancestors watched the patterns and cycles of the moon and the sun to gauge the time passing, seasons, festival times. And also, sailors navigated by the stars. Structures were built to measure and keep aware of the sunrise at significant times of the year such as sunrise at Stonehenge.

We know that the lunar cycles affect our oceans and tides. And, as we are made up of a large percentage of water, It is not such a great leap of logic to understand the connection between the moon and our own bodies… and then maybe the other planets too! The Sun gives us our length of daylight. We wish on a shooting star. The night sky is huge and constantly changing.

I’m Alison Smith and I’ve been a star gazer and astrologer for more than 20 years. I love that we have choices and so much extra information available to us to inform our decisions once we look at the stars. Nothing is fated or decided ahead of us. We have this universal energy there for us to use in our personal and our business lives and so… why wouldn’t we!

So how and what and where?

Would you like to experiment with 5 easy ways to experience astrology right now? For you and for your business?

  1. Look at the Moon at night and marvel at the sense of mystery and awe that has placed that moon in the universe for us. It’s a connection with our ancestors and with each other. Take a moment to think about all of the people who have watched and seen the Moon through all of her cycles.
  2. Find out the sign of the zodiac that the sun is currently in. Every month the sun enters the next sign of the zodiac, always moving and making different patterns in the sky with the other stars and planets. Time.
  3. Consider how that sign relates to your own birth (star) sign. As an example a Leo Sun sign will have Aquarius opposite. There is a treasure trove of understanding as we consider our own Sun sign and then where the Sun is in the sky right now. Have you considered that the Sun is our star and at the heart of our universe? And so your Sun sign is at the heart of your own Universe. Play with the elements of your Sun Sign for writing your key message! Just for a few minutes – you never know what will emerge…
  4. Find out the phase of the Moon by going outside and looking. The lunar cycle begins with a sliver of silver at new moon and from then the light grows (waxes) towards the full moon. After fullness the light lessens (wanes) towards the dark of the moon and then new again. A cycle that we know takes place within every 27 days (approximately) as the Moon travels around the complete zodiac touching every sign
    New Moon – a new beginning, project, start or thought process.
    Waxing Moon – development and expansion, growth.
    Full Moon – completion of a project or section, honouring and celebrating something done, light of understanding or insights.
    Waning Moon – time to polish and hone, to tweak and consider.
    Dark of the Moon – what will you begin tomorrow?
    New Moon
  5. Look at the sky at night and ponder on the other planets out there … and maybe life itself! By going outside and looking at the sky we begin to be aware of the infinite possibilities that exist for us all. And we also can marvel in the connection that we have with each other and with the planet.
  6. A cheeky, and extra, number six of a possibility for you. By thinking about connections with each other and this planet… who can you connect your business with tomorrow?


This is our home, planet earth, and that makes us a part of the Universe too. We are all connected with the planets and the stars and with each other. Our planet Earth forms the centre of our astrological charts and also our Universe. However you view them, the stars will always be there. And, whether you decide to use the energy available, or not – are we not just the luckiest beings in our Universe to live on such a beautiful and wonderful planet?

About Alison Smith

Alison Smith – Astrologer, Author & Planetary Wanderer!
Alison lives in Wales and loves to be immersed in earth energies every day. Her Leo Sun is in the twelfth house, working creatively behind the scenes, and she is also a very down-to-earth Virgo rising!
“I love to nurture and nourish and help others on the exploration of who they are. More and more I have been called to encourage sensitive women to work with planetary symbolism and their own intuition in order to heal past (life) wounds and to use upcoming energies well. And then they are able to make truly solid business decisions and walk confidently forwards!”



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