We caught up with Lenka Lutonska, international business coach and author of Energetic Selling And Marketing. Lenka has a truly inspiring story to tell – she arrived in the UK at 19 years old with just £30 in her pocket, cleaned tables at McDonalds before transforming her life and becoming a business coach running a 7-figure business.

So, Lenka, tell us about your career background and how you came to become so successful?

I grew up in Slovakia but I made the decision to move to the UK by myself when I was just 19, I wanted to prosper, and fulfil my dream of changing the world. I didn’t know exactly where I was going but I knew that I wanted to work with people, and I knew I wanted to make a difference to their lives. My decision wasn’t easy – I was battling with my strict father who wanted me to become a banker in my home country. This just wasn’t the path I wanted to take. I was passionate about becoming free and following my dreams.

When I arrived in London, I got a job at McDonalds – this was only meant to be temporary, but I quickly worked my way up from cleaning tables, to becoming a business manager, managing millions in turnover and hundreds of staff members. Although I was successful, my heart longed to work in self development which I was exploring in my free time through reading.

I eventually discovered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which changed my life forever. In 2006, I took the biggest risk of my life – I decided to sell my house, my car, and everything else I owned to be able to fund my dream.  I moved in with my boyfriend to be able to afford to pay for the highest level of NLP Master practitioner training. Once I had finished my training, I found success delivering communication skills workshops to hundreds of people across the UK including Cambridge University academics and Fortune 500 company executives. Today, I am lucky enough to be an international business and mindset coach, I have incredible clients in over 30 countries and I thrive by helping other women succeed. I love my job!

story, so inspirational! What made you want to become a business coach and mindset strategist?

From a young age, I had a deep desire to make a difference in the world and do something remarkable. I spent years reading hundreds of self development books and was captivated! I particularly enjoyed reading around the topic of how the mind works, and so I studied psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP, which captivated me more than anything else. Neuro Linguistic Programming helped me to let go of my eating disorder, to heal my relationship with my father, and to attract my husband. Most notably, it allowed me to let go of my insecurities, becoming more self-confident than ever before. Studying NLP allowed me to have the confidence to let go of my job security, and start my own business – since then I’ve never looked back!

So, how easy was it to grow your business?

In order to set up my own business, I had to give up almost everything. I sold all my belongings including my house and car so I could afford training. It was a brave leap, many of my friends didn’t understand why I had left my well paid job in order to work
on my computer all day at my boyfriend’s house – it was extremely tough. Things started progressing very quickly and I soon had a thriving business, it was at this time that I decided to start my family too.

My clients are my world – each of them recommend me to somebody new which has been a great way of growing. I’m now proud to own a thriving business which guides many gifted women to places of success, I love working with my clients and seeing their extraordinary impact on the world.

How do you stand out from the crowd and who are your target audience?

My main focus is on energetic selling and marketing – a term which I coined myself.  This approach combines NLP, psychology, and working with our intuition. This method uses the most powerful currency on the planet – personal energy – to create extraordinary business growth for my clients. This approach goes far beyond tactic-based sales and marketing techniques, and women who integrate this approach into their business often experience remarkable results and growth – doubling, tripling, even quadrupling their revenues in a matter of several weeks and months. My target audience are female coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale a six or seven-figure business.

How do you market your business and gain new clients?

Marketing through my Facebook group has been really successful for me! I run a group called Freaking Amazing Women, https://www.facebook.com/groups/freakingamazing
which has given me the opportunity to connect with thousands of women entrepreneurs from across the world. The group is for women coaches, visionaries, change-makers who want to feel inspired, grow their mindsets, expand their entrepreneurial skills and celebrate their successes.  I regularly post high value training and advice in my group, which in turn helps me to form real relationships with other business owners. The group is also a major source of clients for me.

You’ve achieved so much in your career, what has been the highlight?

Without a doubt it would be the launch of my book Energetic Selling and Marketing, it was a very proud moment. The book launch was at a stunning hotel in London, and I was surrounded by my friends, family and clients – it was a dream come true!  My book has been read by people from across the world and I regularly receive messages from people saying how much it has helped and inspired them. It’s the best feeling!

Finally, what are your top three tips for people who are wanting to start their own business and become successful like yourself?

1) Find a business partner or mentor. I can’t say this enough! I am continually investing in my business and my own self-development, because I realise the value of learning from others who have achieved what I want to achieve. There is no better person to mentor you than somebody who has been there and done it themselves.

2) Network with like minded people. Creating a community with others who understand you and get what you’re doing is really important. I recommend finding online communities of like-minded business owners to be a part of. And if you can’t find one you resonate with, create your own!

3) Just do it! So many women hold themselves back because of fears and limiting beliefs, but you’ve got to have faith that things will work out and sometimes you just have to take that leap and do it.


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