With their multicultural cast of talented women, HoneyPot has reinvented traditional fairy tales into tales of modern heroines.

HoneyPot is an all-female play portraying an uncensored and comical take on famous fairy tales. This showcase of collective female power brings fairy tales we all grew up with onto the main stage through the perspective of the modern woman.

This multicultural, female-centred showcase has rewritten fairy tale princess characters and storylines by adapting them to the trials and tribulations of womanhood today. Exploring topics from periods to relationships to sexuality, HoneyPot is ready to bring a contemporary flare to these old tales.

By breathing new life into familiar characters and storylines, HoneyPot covers many nuanced themes which include feminism, gender politics, gender roles, sexual empowerment and more to the characters on stage; rewriting the history of how women characters are portrayed.

Natalie Ann Boyd, Director and Writer of HoneyPot, has said: Honeypot is here to revamp timeworn tales by shining a spotlight on the heroines’ viewpoints and exploring the modern day female gaze.”

She adds, We feel a pressing responsibility to create a new quota for gender and racial equality within the arts.”

Natalie Ann Boyd, Actress-Writer-Director, founded Showbox Theatre in 2019 with the aim of creating more roles for women in the arts.

After training with the National Youth Theatre, Natalie entered the performing arts industry at a key time of change. The MeToo movement was prompting a shift in the industry, with much awareness being raised about women’s power, women’s roles and women’s voices. Inspired by this change, Natalie felt it extremely necessary to raise awareness amongst her peer group by proving that it is possible for a 22 year old (with no prior funding or producing experience) to start-up a theatre company from scratch and create the necessary roles for women – both on and off stage.

The task involves balancing Financial Producer responsibilities (such as crowd-funding, approaching private sponsors, ticket sales, negotiating costs of theatre, travel, rehearsal spaces, accommodation), alongside the Creative Producer aspects of managing an emerging theatre company and logistically putting on a show. Whilst doing this, Natalie ensures that everybody involved in the making of ‘Honeypot’ is female. Not only is the ‘Honeypot’ cast and creative team made up of women from around the world; Natalie sees to it that everybody working behind the scenes (lighting technicians , graphics designers, photographers, editors) are also all female.

When writing and casting the production, Natalie had no requirements for the race of the actresses involved. Without a quota to fill, the company organically became a multicultural group of women. The ‘Honeypot’ characters are based on females from original fairytale stories (brought into the modern world). Natalie found that, when modernising the fairy tale themes, these characters could easily be portrayed by actresses of any ethnicity.

The aim of Showbox Theatre is to inspire a positive change in gender and racial diversity in the arts.

Watch the HoneyPot official trailer here

Tickets to see the play at Edinburgh Fringe Festival are available here

Natalie Ann Boyd – Director and Writer of HoneyPot


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