Do you often sit at your desk during the day, struggling to concentrate and finding yourself falling into a downward spiral of fatigue and inefficiency?

It may be because you are not feeding yourself the right things, or looking after your body the way it needs to be looked after. A study by Brigham Young University found employees with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to experience a loss in productivity when compared to healthy eaters, and those who only occasionally eat fruit, vegetables and low fat foods are 93% more likely to have greater loss in productivity. London’s leading Nutritionist Lily Soutter, has all the tips to help boost your productivity, whilst adopting a nutritious diet. Here are Lily’s high-energy suggestions to help you get through those long working hours…

Watermelon Seeds

This source of food is a great way for you to keep your hunger at bay, but also give you that boost of protein and fibre you need. These seeds can be roasted with a sprinkle of salt, making them into a great snack, or you can dust them onto salads or use them in other recipes to make granola and seeded breads.


You may be thinking ‘Seaweed?!’, but yes, you are correct. Seaweed is the new kale, packed with a rich source of mineral iodine, which is great for controlling your metabolism. You can add it to sushi, miso soups and vegetable stir-fries.

Chia Seeds

These small and delicious seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients and packed full of fibre – which additionally helps to keep hunger at bay. These seeds can be added to smoothies, sprinkled on top of salads and also stirred into porridge with a dash of honey.

Green Tea

This drink is both quick and easy to make and so delicious. This cosy drink contains a substance called L-Theanine, which has shown to stimulate a feeling of relaxed alertness and clarity. This drink will allow your mind to feel calm and relaxed.

Lily Soutter – Nutritionist

Lily Soutter

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