Think about the hidden treasures the ocean can bring (not plastic and pollution) but seashells, corals, tropical fish, sand, seafoam, and ocean waves. Take these and add fishing nets and wetsuits and you will have one of the key trends encapsulated into one.

Depending on where you live, where you shop and how observant you are, next time you embark on updating your wardrobe you will notice net detailing on hem lines, sleeves, bags and hats; seashells entwined in the net itself or as a pattern in a printed blouse, dress or skirt; various hues inspired by the ocean – everything from the colour of sand and seafoam to tropical fish hues; and off course, Pantones colour for 2019 – Living Coral.

So how can you easily introduce something that’s on trend?

Fish net stockings may be the obvious answer, but that would be too easy and passé. Instead think of surfing, shell collecting and the greater barrier reef. Put your shades and hat on and start embracing the beauty of nature. If patterns are not your thing then look for textures.

When I was out researching the trends for one of my savvy shopping experiences, I noticed a beautiful yellow net bag at ‘And Other Stories’.

Woven Net Bag from And Other Stories

It’s similar to the macramé shopping tote that our great grandmothers used to put their shopping in before the plastic bag became a throw away staple.

It’s a very clever item! Not too big or heavy and stylish too.

If the creative ocean doesn’t inspire you then invest in the classic Breton stripe. It’s a classic top which can easily be worn with shorts, skirt or jeans. All depending on your personal preferences and what you wish to achieve, the navy white combination is the safe classic and cool option, whereas red stripes on ecru will suit the warmer complexion better.

Long sleeve Breton from Boden

Off course there are other trends to be seen, and worn.

Asymmetric hemlines, diagonal patterns, bicycle shorts, boiler suits, batique patterns, safari jackets… to name but a few.

Asymmetric leather midi skirt from Net-a-Porter
Anson stretch-ponte shorts from Net-a-Porter
Danny cotton-blend drill jumpsuit from Net-a-Porter

The greatest thing about fashion today is that we can wear whatever you want.

The most difficult thing about fashion today is that there is too much choice.

On the whole, too much choice will make us indecisive which means that we either go for safe, which I believe is boring as we will look like everyone else, or we go crazy flamboyant, which is great fun though might be a turn off for a prospecting business contract.

TIP: Make sure you are remembered for who you are, not what you are wearing. Be authentic!

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