As we head into another year it is always a good time to take stock and make some resolutions. As you reflect on the year gone and the one ahead, while nibbling on the Christmas chocolates and sipping your favourite drink, its worth considering your career as well as your personal life.

Enhancing your career can sometimes involve being seen within the business, standing out from your peers – but in a good way! If this is a task that is on your New Years resolution list and you’re after some ideas to help, then perhaps reading Susan Ritchie’s latest book ‘Strategies for being visible – 14 profile-raising ideas for emerging female leaders’ may be just the job. Susan is a writer, leadership coach and trainer, specialising in leadership presence and personal impact.

Her book explores ideas such as, making a plan, understanding your network, stepping outside of your comfort zone to spotting opportunities and seizing chances, volunteering for projects, having an advocate speak up for you and becoming Known in your wider industry.

In addition to being the author of and Strategies for Being Visible: 14 Profile-Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders. Susan has also written Strategies for being Brilliant: 21 Ways to be Happy, Confident & Successful. She also provides CPD Standards Office Accredited training and works across all sectors, both in the UK and overseas for clients such as the BBC, Lincolnshire Coop, Tower Hamlets Homes, The Institute of Chartered Accountants. She appears regularly as a guest speaker on local BBC Radio, podcasts and at various events throughout the UK.


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