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As winter approaches, WaterSafe, the UK body for approved plumbers, is helping homeowners get their property’s plumbing winter-ready with the launch of a new animated film.

The film stars an essential five-point checklist to help keep homes cosy and dry when wintry weather strikes – whether it’s from the Beast from the East or the Pest from the West.

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Homeowners are being urged to check out the film as it could avoid the stress caused by frozen and burst water pipes – which can cause flooding, thousands of pounds worth of damage and leave homes without water for drinking, cooking and washing.

WaterSafe’s top five tips for a winter-ready home are:

  1. Locate your stop tap – if a pipe freezes and bursts in your home you need to be able to shut off the water supply quickly.
  2. Insulate outside taps and pipes in unheated areas like lofts, garages and outbuildings to help prevent them from freezing and bursting.
  3. Repair any leaky taps or valves – this will stop the frost getting in and you’ll save water too.
  4. Check if your central heating boiler needs a service.
  5. If your house will be empty, leave your heating on low – about 14 degrees centigrade. Or, if you’re going to be away for a while, turn off your water supply and drain the system.
  6. WaterSafe’s advice supports the Met Office’s Weather Ready initiative, which encourages everyone to think about winter preparations they can make to help them stay warm, healthy and safe.

As the weather starts to get colder WaterSafe is helping homeowners wrap up their taps against frost and ice this winter with a fantastic festive giveaway.

The nationwide accreditation scheme for approved plumbers has 500 FREE Aqualogic tap jackets available for insulating outside taps to make sure homes are also weather ready.

Homeowners who want to treat their tap to a new jacket this festive season can sign up at on a first come, first served basis.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe said: 

“It’s not just about wrapping presents at this time of year, we’re encouraging homeowners to wrap up their plumbing too to help everyone stay warm and safe – and that includes thinking about your outside taps.

It’s also a good idea to check your taps for leaks and drips as they’re not just wasting water and money – even a trickle can lead to a frozen tap and leave outdoor areas slippery and unsafe.”  

If you need a hand fixing leaks or insulating your home’s plumbing use the WaterSafe postcode search at or call 0333 207 9030 to find an approved plumber near you.

For more winter advice and to watch the new WaterSafe film featuring five essential tips to protect your home’s plumbing from severe weather visit

WaterSafe’s advice supports the Met Office’s Weather Ready initiative, which encourages everyone to think about winter preparations they can make to help them stay warm, healthy and safe.

WaterSafe is backed by all UK water companies and the drinking water regulators. It provides an online directory of plumbing businesses in the UK who are trained to meet the strict regulations for installing pipes and fittings that supply drinking water to keep it fresh and healthy.

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