Makeup artistry and proper skin care is not a course offered in schools, but women of all ages are expected to wear just the right amount of expertly applied makeup and take perfect care of their skin. I had the good fortune of having a mother who was a makeup artist and also had a career as a Chanel Beauty Expert in skincare and makeup artistry.

Leaving the house for many women means hours in front of the mirror with a range of cosmetics and not to mention the mobile makeup kit for lipstick touch-ups. Where do we find the happy medium?

Do you ever wonder why women feel the need to put “their best face forward” before leaving the house? How does wearing makeup change the way we feel and what are the actual benefits?

A recent study has shown that women who put on makeup before taking a test achieved higher marks than those who did not wear any – between 10 – 20% higher.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Chieti University in Italy enlisted the help of 200 female undergraduates, all studying the same subject with similar self-esteem, makeup habits and IQs. The women were randomly split into three groups and asked to put on makeup, listen to music, or draw. All then took an exam based on a chapter of a textbook they had just read. Results showed the women who used cosmetics scored an average of 24.2 out of 30, compared to 19.9 and 22 out of 30 in the other groups. Psychologists say the result could be down to the ‘lipstick effect’, whereby using makeup boosts self-esteem and has a knock-on effect on memory, confidence and mental ability.

This research aside, it’s clear that women have been wearing makeup to increase self-esteem by boosting their attractiveness to meet the cultural expectations of the society they live in. As we have all experienced, looking good can help us feel better during stress.

In a business context, wearing makeup can also help us be taken seriously. However it would appear that wearing to much makeup in this context can have the opposite effect as research carried out by Abertay University in Dundee identified. They asked participants to view a series of images of the same woman fresh faced, or made up as if for a social night out. Computer software was used to manipulate the amount of makeup worn. They found that people judged heavily made up women as having poorer leadership skills than those who had not used cosmetics.

Dr Christopher Watkins of Abertay’s Division of Psychology, said it was possible women wearing makeup were seen as more frivolous in the workplace, even though previous work had suggested makeup makes women more dominant.

“This research follows previous work in this area, which suggests that wearing makeup enhances how dominant a woman looks. While the previous findings suggest that we are inclined to show some deference to a woman with a good looking face, our new research suggests that makeup does not enhance a woman’s dominance by benefitting how we evaluate her in a leadership role.”

It is astounding how many clients, colleagues and friends I have encountered over the decades that are simply not aware of how to apply makeup that enhances their natural beauty. My mission is to ensure that every woman that wants to feel their most beautiful is armed with the confidence and knowledge to put their best face forward using a tailored skin care and make-up regime. I believe that when we enhance our natural beauty it empowers us to achieve anything we set our mind to.

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In the video above you will learn how to identify your skin type and the proper care for oily, dry or combination facial skin. Simple skin care is the “foundation for your foundation” because makeup can appear caked on, or just absorbs into the pores on the face, if the skin is not properly prepared for make-up artistry. The two processes need to work together.

Tara’s favourite Chanel products used in the video:

Energiser: Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist
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Eyeshadow: Chanel Les 4 Ombres palette #306 Splendeur 
Mascara: Chanel Le Volume Revolution #10 Noir 
Liquid Eyeliner: Chanel Signature de Chanel #10 Noir 

Beauty routine is extremely important when looking after the health of your skin, here are Tara’s three favourite things for beauty routine:
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Tara Patten
Former Professional Model and Digital Marketing Consultant


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