Traditionally, red is the colour to wear for the Christmas party season, and this year it’s just as much of a safe bet as ever. However, purple and sequins may be a better investment for you.

So, who’s responsible for us believing that red is the colour of Christmas? It’s the one and only, Mr Santa!

Originally Santa did not wear a red coat. It wasn’t until a famous beverage company needed a good advert to promote and sell their fizzy stuff, that people started to associate red as the true Christmas colour. Originally he looked different, Santa wore green!!
As a child, in Sweden, I definitely remember my ‘Jul Tomte’ looking different. His hair and beard were silver in colour, his coat was made of thick grey or green wool and around his waist was a black or tan leather belt. As a native to Lapland, he wore leather boots with toes that pointed upwards (similar to the Mongolian boot). He wasn’t obese either, nor did he wear a droopy red hat with a white pompom at the end. Oh no! The real Santa, was proud and majestic – almost like a Tolkien wizard. His hat was made out of soft felt and pointed more upwards than flopping to one side.
His eyes were sparkly and I definitely believed him to be the epitome of Christmas.
Nowadays, in our home and on the whole day on Christmas Eve, four generations gather together to celebrate Christmas. We dress up wearing our best clothes, savouring good food and being together. On this day, time is more important than exchanging gifts. We may exchange some, though we keep spending to a minimum. Time is so precious! Priceless in fact.
So, what is my recommendation for you to wear this coming party season?
The likelihood is that you have something in your wardrobe already. Something that fits you well that can be updated with just adding a couple of extra items. So, you really don’t need to purchase a whole new outfit.
  • Start with a wardrobe inventory.
  • Focus on finding ‘bottom’ items that makes you feel good in who you are
  • Add a new top and some funky boots.
  • If the top is sparkly then a necklace will be too much – wear dangly earrings instead!
  • Apply makeup that makes you look healthy – a dewy complexion is the thing
  • Don’t panic
  • Wear a smile!
Here are a few links to inspire you from Evans, sparkly items for the fuller figure:
Grey sequin top A great addition if the occasion wear hanger in your wardrobe is empty.
Silver Sparkle kimono The split at the side will give you plenty of possibilities to wear this item time after time. Tie it to your waist to elongate your legs, leave it open and wear it over top and bottoms in the same hue to create an elegant slimming effect.
Silver Kitten Heel Ankle Boots Gorgeous happy feet!
Purple Kitten Heel ankle boots These will look amazing with almost anything anytime of the year – happy feet.
Purple Split Front Top Wear this tunic with leggings, wide palazzo trousers or a straight skirt.

You will be able to find equivalent items to fit your shape and size at most retailers – this is what trends are about. Keeping a common thread across the market.

Finally, if red must be worn and sequins are coveted, then this dress from Karen Millen is the perfect dress this Christmas.

The dress will fit an angular body shape best and you will sparkle and shimmer for sure!

The day I realised my Santa was no other than my dad, I really didn’t mind. I was as much in awe of him as the fictional character. Perhaps this Christmas he will spread the same magic in the hearts of my granddaughters, just as he did many years ago for my brother and I.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. If you see it and you love it enough to take it home; if there is room for it in your capsule wardrobe and you have the finances – buy it now, don’t wait!
P.P.S. If you are concerned about the sea and the environment, sequins are not for you.

Berith Sandgren-Clarke

Personal Image Mastery Consultant

M: 07835 124226
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