Here at KWIB, having travelled all over the country to bring you the most exciting content we know a thing or two about travel etiquette, but has it all gone a bit far? Since when did it become a crime to apply your lippy, or to conceal those wine-induced shadows on your morning commute?

We get it, people do some weird things on the train! I’ve been unfortunate enough to witness someone clipping his toenails on a very busy 7:56 train – take it from me it’s definitely not the first thing you want to see in the morning. But can we really class make-up application in the same realm as the ‘feet on seaters’ or the ‘smelly food eaters’?

Professional women seem to be fighting a losing battle. Do we wake up 20 minutes earlier, sacrificing those extra precious minutes in bed to do our make-up at home? Do we simply not wear make-up and face harsh and cruel judgement in a beauty obsessed world? Or, do we use the otherwise pointless hour on the train to apply our make-up and risk the glaring eyes of disapproving commuters?

Nevertheless, many of today’s generation of discerning commuters believe that the act of applying make-up should be done in the privacy of one’s own home. Their uneasiness stems from the argument that the process of make-up application should be restricted to the isolation of the bathroom or bedroom. Therefore when they do witness part of this morning ritual, it can almost feel as though they are looking in on something that is rather intimate.

But does this send the wrong message? Does it expect too much from women constantly battling for more hours in the day, just to get things done. By being discerning of women applying make-up on the train, do we risk feeding young people with the message that as soon as women enter the public sphere they must always be prim, proper and ‘on show’?

Whilst I can understand where today’s disapproving commuters are coming from, I must argue that I just do not see make-up as an intimate act.  Make-up does not have to be an essential aspect of a morning routine, after all it can hardly be compared to putting your tights on, or buttoning up your blouse – it is an extra, a cherry on top of the cake. It is like a man’s choice of sitting down in his seat and fastening his cufflinks that he hadn’t had time to do at home, they are an added extra, a final finishing detail that pulls his whole look together.

At KWIB we believe that make-up application should not be thought of as a private ritual. In fact, I’m sure many of you can recall a time where a stressed and sleepy commuter has given in to the soothing hum of the train’s fluorescent lighting and slipped away in to a deep sleep! The ‘sleepers’ can range from a dull, peaceful doze to a full blown snoring fest but either way – I’d call that a pretty private act! Yet no one seems to be bothered by a snoring passenger.

Anyway, the time is now, stop shaming commuting ‘make-uppers’! They’ve probably had a hectic morning, rushing around making packed lunches, getting the kids to school and their only time to even consider putting make-up on, is on the 7:56 train. So the next time you see a woman frantically applying eyeliner around their tired eyes, cut them some slack! After all, their proactive use of an otherwise fruitless commute will make you look like a slacker!

Will this open the door for beard grooming to be acceptable. We really want to know what our readers think so please share your thoughts on our social feed.

Catherine Butler
Assistant Editor


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