‘I have nothing to wear!’ ‘None of my clothes suit me’ ‘Ugh I look awful in these’ Ever had any of these thoughts whilst staring at a wardrobe full to the brim with clothes you never wear? Don’t worry… Us too! Finding an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful is a hard task to master and in many circumstances it has resulted in a bit of a tizzy!

With that in mind KWIB would like to introduce you to a very exciting addition to our team. Berith is a Personal Image Mastery Consultant; she is on a mission to give professional women the tools they need to project an authentic image that reflects their true identity!

Meet Kate, She is in her early 40’s and works as an accountant but she has been offered to become partner. Her hair is auburn, her eyes blue and her skin tone is fair.

It’s Wednesday evening and tomorrow she is going out straight after work, but with only five minutes to spare, she wants to dress for success making sure to leave a good lasting impression on the people she meets.

After finding her authentic style and knowing how to dress for success, Kate has learnt how to keep and maintain a capsule wardrobe that is true to her values and vision, a style that reflects who she is with confidence.

Before any big event, she asks herself the following four questions:

  • Where am I going and how am I getting there?
  • Who am I hoping to meet?
  • What lasting impression do I want to leave behind?
  • What shall I wear to represent me with integrity?

All four questions are targeted towards Kate’s 40-item capsule wardrobe, where according to the answers she can create the perfect outfit.

In knowing her authentic style, Kate wakes upeach day relaxed and stress-free knowing that she will dress confidently feminine.

When it comes to clothes, she prefers texture to pattern; she invests in her clothes and opts for quality over quantity. The colours that she choses enhance her complexion, eye and hair colour as well as her personality. Instead of following trends, Kate opts for fashion that is true to her. She is totally aware what does and what doesn’t suit her. Having this knowledge saves her so much time and money. It gives her more confidence.

After breakfast on Thursday morning, she travels by car to work. Wearing her favourite skirt as well as a matching top together with a complimentary cardigan and a matching necklace, she feels comfortable as well as confident. Her chosen shoes are a pair of low heel mules worn together with a matching bag that contains her laptop, tights and makeup as well as evening clutch and accessories. The sequin top that she is wearing this evening, together with a smart blazer and high heel sandals, are stored safely in a garment hold all. As always, she is wearing her ‘trade mark’ watch.

Images courtesy of net-a-porter.com and lkbennett.com

When her corporate day is over she quickly checks her eye makeup and applies a smidge of gloss to her lips. Before putting on her blazer, she swaps her plain top for something more glamorous; she also takes off her necklace to let her top do the talking. She switches those mules for a pair of high heel sandals, then secures this season’s accessory to her ear lobes and places a belt around her waist. Finally she grabs hold of her clutch containing only what’s necessary for the evening ahead, and leaves her corporate life behind until the following morning.

Images courtesy of net-a-porter.com and lkbennett.com

To take the first step towards finding out what your aspired is like, take the Aspired Style Quest here: https://www.2b-inspired.org/the-assessment


Berith Sandgren-Clarke

Personal Image Mastery Consultant

M: 07835 124226
E: berith@2b-inspired.com
W: https://2b-inspired.org
Aspired Style Quest: https://www.2b-inspired.org/the-assessment




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