Fiona joins the Female Entrepreneur Adventure Expedition as the Culture Queen! Having travelled all around the world, Fiona knows a thing or two about the far-reaching cultures filling the distant corners of the world. She is looking forward to immersing herself within the entrepreneurial culture of Malawi.

Fiona’s personal development journey began in 1991 after a traumatic car accident that left her with whiplash. After many highly qualified doctors on Harley Street had told her that she would have problems with her neck for the rest of her life, she saw a kinesiologist and her injuries were healed.

Subsequently she began her training in kinesiology and ventured in to reflexology, to help a friend whose father was dying of cancer.

Having worked in kinesiology and reflexology for a few years, Fiona moved to Asia with her now ex-husband. Just after four months her husband left her nevertheless, she continued to live in the Philippians for seven more years. It was in the Philippines that Fiona took the time to dive in to her coaching career. It was here that she pressed the pause button and realigned her future and her aspirations. Additionally, she also trained as a telephone councillor for the local community, where she was involved in the crisis-line for the ex-pat and the local community.

Fiona has a fair few air miles! She used to work for British Airways so has travelled all around the world. Furthermore, Fiona also travels to Africa quite a lot already, visiting her sister whom is based in Kenya. You may think she’s sick of the long lines for passport control, or the tedious security checks… but no! Fiona is itching to get out to Malawi, to experience another culture, to explore another part of the African landscape and to immerse herself within a new challenge!

For Fiona, she is excited about collaborating with other women, she hopes to make connections within the #Leagueofladies, but also with the entrepreneurial women of Malawi. She is looking forward to working with women who share the same mind-set and who aspire for a bright and sustainable future. Moreover, Fiona wishes to give back as much as she can, she hopes that the expedition will provide her the knowledge of what professional route she wants to take in the future.

Whilst she is eager to impart her knowledge and her skills with the women that she meets, she is also aware of the potential cultural barriers. Fiona herself has a deep understanding of the restrictions that may be facing the women of Malawi. However, she hopes to reflect on their particular culture when suggesting new skills and techniques, so not to be culturally insensitive.

Fiona is anticipating the trek up Mount Mulanje as a big challenge! Nonetheless, to raise money for her sponsorship to Malawi, she is cycling from Hoek van Holland to Hamburg which is a whopping 350 miles in five days! Upon hearing her plans to raise money, we nearly spat out our tea… We think she’ll be fine and will thank her not to waste good tea in the future.

Living in a wealthy western world, Fiona believes that it is integral that we have an understanding of what is going on around us. She argues that too many of us are blind to the way that others are living, and that there is so much we can do to make a difference in people’s lives. Fiona states that it is very easy for us to sit back in our glass houses without giving a thought to how we could contribute to others. The Female Entrepreneur Adventure Expedition, for Fiona is an opportunity to give back – it may not be a hugely significant impact, but it is an impact all the same.

Ultimately Fiona hopes that the expedition will give her time to reflect on her own challenging ride. In her adventure to Malawi, she wants to be viewed as an example for change and to prove to both men and women that anything is possible.





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