Brenda Dempsey the ‘Queen Collaborator’ joins the league of ladies and brings her zesty energy and wealth of knowledge to Malawi. After building her success from very little, her wish is to show others that success is achievable no matter who you are or where you started!

Brenda was married quite young and as a result of this relationship has four children. She had always dreamt of being a teacher so once her youngest child started school, she went to university and completed her degree to become a teacher. Unfortunately, all the while Brenda was studying for her degree she was returning home each night to an abusive partner. Additionally in her final year of studying she found herself and her four children homeless. However she tells us that this did not stop her, her ambition to teach was greater than any pain she was in.

Brenda successful qualified as a teacher and was able to detach herself and her children from their deprived situation. Subsequently as a result of this tumultuous time, she fell very unwell and when she finally did recover she suffered four close family deaths in just over two years.

Whilst Brenda’s initial story is not one filled with joy or happiness, this is completely juxtaposed by the positive and bubbly energy that follows her wherever she goes!

Upon meeting her partner, Brenda’s children were all grown-up and so she moved down to Surrey. It was the first time in her life-time where she was able to think solely about herself, her ambitions and her hopes for the future. Initially, Brenda continued teaching but found herself travelling down the route of self-development, shortly she realised that her mission could not be restricted by teaching, her impact could be much greater in coaching! So that was that… Brenda gave up a well-paid job to set up her own business as a coach and has been changing lives ever since.

Three women sitting on a bench together smiling, with a hedge in the backgroundAs well as being a number one best-selling author with her series of books; Voice of Courage, Brenda has also founded the charity Helping Handbags, where handbags are donated to homeless women filled with sanitary products. In the first year the charity donated over 10,000 bags in just over 7 weeks and this year Helping Handbags has become a recognised charity in America!

Brenda does not believe in competition, she argues that true success lies in collaboration and throughout the expedition; Brenda is looking forward to making life-long friends with the women joining her on the expedition and the women she meets in Malawi. She is eagerly anticipating finding ways to support any of the women in any way she can – after all she is known as ‘The Life Changer’.

As a Mother herself, Brenda feels that a hugely moving part of the expedition will be meeting the children. Having opted for the Street Children activity, Brenda is expecting to be completely overwhelmed by the stories that come with childhood in Malawi! However, she hopes to bring all of her joy and bubbly energy to each one of the activities.

She wants to ensure that her time there not only has a positive impact on the women of Malawi, but also their children. She hopes that any advice that is offered to the entrepreneurial women of Africa, will lead to a sustainable injection of wealth in to the economy.

Brenda feels that in order for us to be extraordinary or indeed for her business to be extraordinary, everything must be stripped back. Without the unnecessary frills or adornments, we are introduced to a simplistic life where we are truly aware of our situation and other people’s circumstances. She believes that this expedition will provide the perfect opportunity to take some time away from her own lifestyle, and reflect on a different way of life. Therefore allowing for another perspective to draw upon in her work as a coach.


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