Beverley Webb – Leaving the past behind


Beverley joins the expedition as a coach to adult survivors of abuse and trauma. She wants to spread the message to everyone whether young, old, male or female – that absolutely anything is possible! Beverley has been known to spot that little sparkler of a dream within you and make it in to firework!

At the age of 12 Beverley had already been in and out of care as a result of an adverse and traumatic childhood. She was the primary carer of her brothers and sisters who were children to two dysfunctional alcoholics. When she returned to care at 13 she was separated from her siblings and was fostered at 15. Unfortunately each time she was being sent back home, Beverley was being sexually abused. As a result of this she found herself surrounded by extremely negative and destructive narratives, which limited the expectations and prospects for victims of abuse.

When living on her own, Beverley decided that her past of childhood trauma would not determine her future, she would not let societal limitations hold her back. However, unbeknown to Beverley at the time it would be this revelation that would be key to helping so many survivors of abuse in the future. It is Beverley’s story of success that sets a striking example of the power of resilience under difficult circumstances that would pave the way for recovery for so many people.

Beverley now prides herself on her ability to enable survivors of abuse to have a voice with her business: Step Forward Coaching. In her work she hopes to help those who feel that the traumatic events of their past still cloud their present. Beverley’s approach is vital in the way that she recognises the mental and physical impact of trauma and the potential for this to spiral out of control. She hopes that the expedition will allow for an intervention in to the global treatment of abuse survivors. For Beverley this does not start as a huge initiative, she simply wants to help in any way no matter how small. Beverley has said that if she is only able to inspire one or two people in Malawi – she will feel as though she is making a difference.

With a love for nature, Beverley is excited about sitting down at camp and embracing all the sights and sounds that come with the African environment. Beverley is also anticipating the physical challenge of the trek up Mount Mulanje, but having completed an all-night marathon Beverley is feeling prepared!

Interestingly when speaking to her clients Beverley mostly refers to the analogy of a mountain, stating that some people are able to climb straight to the top of the mountain without any obstacles. However some people will encounter an obstacle that may set them back and force them to take a new route to reach the top. Beverley told us that her journey from aged 16 to where she is now has not been easy, it has been filled with obstacles and bumps in the road. Therefore she wants to spread the message that you are likely to encounter struggles along the path to success, but that you should never give up! Beverley wants to communicate that we all have a choice to make a difference in our lives but also in other’s lives, it’s all about having the strength to do so.

At first thought Beverley was unsure whether this expedition was for her, she spent many days with the words ‘NO WAY, NO WAY’ running through her head. Her original reservations about the adventure to Malawi seemed to dissolve after a Women Work event ran by Ania Jeffries. She spoke at the event about overcoming the challenges that are thrown our way and quickly realised that this expedition doesn’t have to be scary! It may be a life-changing adventure, but a positive life changing adventure all the same. As soon as Beverley set up her sponsorship page, people started to donate and all of a sudden it was happening…it was real.

As a coach, Beverley is constantly looking to step outside of the box, to challenge herself, to inspire her clients and to inspire people around her. It is important for her to embrace challenges that will show her clients that no matter where they are in the recovery process, there are opportunities to take the next step. This expedition will not only provide inspiration for Beverley’s clients but it will help her prove to herself that nothing is impossible!

Catherine Butler
Assistant Editor-in-Chief


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