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Project Girl Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Lily Nwamaraihe in 2017. The organisation was established as a result of the failing state of the education system in Nigeria and the lack of provisions for girls education.

Project Girl Foundation lives by a mission statement that promises to empower girls in Nigeria, who are from disadvantaged or deprived areas.

Through education dedicated to family planning, trade work and literacy programmes, Project Girl Foundation hopes to transform the future of young women in rural Nigeria.

Their vision is to close the gender gap of illiteracy and transform the education system in the country. The new charity is the creation of British-born Nigerian Lily Nwamaraihe (36).

Lily, who has worked in the UK education system for 10 years, founded the charity following a personal journey to discover and engage with her ethnic roots. This began in 2012 with her first trip to Nigeria as an adult.

Lily Nwamaraihe

Lily said: “On visiting Nigeria I discovered a beautiful country filled with a rich culture, yet sadly one coupled with a devastatingly failing education system. It was clear children were not receiving their basic right to a free and effective education.

“Of particular concern to me was the plight of girls both in the home and at school, such as the lack of importance placed on girls’ education compared to their male counterparts.”

It was from this experience that Project Girl Foundation was born, with an aim to transform girls’ education and to empower them by providing them with sufficient skills and resources to enrich their lives, that of their families and their communities.

The organisation began to take shape in 2017 and now has a board of trustees in place. They are now seeking support of the public, particularly the British Nigerian community, to help them deliver their first project in Enugu State in south-east Nigeria. This project will mainly focus on functional literacy for girls, while also encouraging those with Special Educational Needs to participate in the programme.

Lily said: “Project Girl Foundation has big plans, but we need the help of others to make them a reality. We are asking for individuals, businesses and anyone with a connection to Nigeria to get in touch and give us their support.”

The charity is also interested to hear from schools and churches, especially those who would consider a partnership to help deliver their programme. Anyone who would like to know more or give their support should get in touch via the Project Girl Foundation website.


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