Izabella Niewiadomska: born explorer


Izabella is a health and wellbeing guru, she is eagerly anticipating the revitalisation of African nature! She sees the Malawian expedition as another chapter in her life where she can combat destructive behavioural patterns in entrepreneurs.

At the age of 23, Izabella came face to face with a life-changing moment where her own body shutdown. She was working as a Journalist in a male dominated environment where Izabella felt that she was constantly trying to prove herself. We often overestimate the extent to which we can push our bodies and for Izabella this feeling of invincibility did catch up with her. As a result of her extremely stressful lifestyle, Izabella had pushed her body to the limits and her organs were failing. The impact of a highly stressful life came crashing in and she nearly lost her life.

On account of this Izabella’s life – as she knew it, was over. This life changing experience led to an extraordinary lesson and it sent her on an expedition of her own, to regain her health and well-being. Izabella moved from Poland to England where she started her own business and was mentored by Jim Rohn. Izabella is a devoted student and teacher when it comes to health and well-being. Not only does she relish in learning new and innovative aspects to health, but Izabella also enjoys passing on her knowledge and skills to benefit others. Her mission is to preclude the inevitable hospital bed awaiting many over-worked professionals.

She is an active woman and even climbs mountains for fun! It is Izabella’s passion – to climb mountains, hiking with all the supplies on her back, walking for hours upon hours, sleeping in a tent and experiencing nature. At the age of 50 she was a novice runner and three years later she was participating in the 100K Ultra Run. We’re beginning to think that the hike up Mount Mulanje might be a piece of cake for Izabella.

As a High Performance Energy Coach she is emotionally invested in the active contribution to people’s lives. She recently worked with the 65 Degrees North team as the Nutrition Sponsor of their expeditions, they successfully recorded the ‘World’s First Unsupported Crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap by an Amputee’ in June 2015 and in February 2016 ‘Conquering Kili’ was undertaken to promote disability awareness and recognise the impact of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Izabella, winner of the Global Woman Award 2017 ‘Women Collaborating for Change’ is excited to work with the women on the expedition and with the women she meets in Africa. However, for Izabella this expedition goes beyond the chance to collaborate with great women, it offers a rare opportunity to reconnect with nature and to learn a new culture.

It truly will be a space where each woman can hit the proverbial ‘pause button’ and take the time to appreciate unfamiliar surroundings. Izabella sees the expedition as a moment in time where she will be completely removed from her comfort zone. She believes that in order to truly learn things we must take ourselves away from the ease and comfort of our everyday life. Subsequently any change from that Izabella argues, is an amazing experience that if embraced will enrich life.

She believes that this expedition offers a unique and valuable contribution to women’s lives on a global scale. However, for Izabella one of the most important parts of this expedition is to learn. In the aim of setting up a global business, she feels that it is crucial to learn from alternative cultures and countries. She sees this expedition as a new chapter in her life, where she will be able to learn first-hand the Malawian approach to business, leadership and health and well-being. This expedition will prove invaluable to Izabella as she hopes to prepare a way of business that is valid to anyone from any country, regardless of language or culture – it will be universal.

For Izabella it was the core values of collaboration, communication and reflection that are deeply rooted within the expedition, that inspired her to sign up. She believes that certain things come in to our lives for a reason and that we have a choice whether we learn and give back, or whether we let them pass by. Therefore, Izabella grabbed the bull by the horns and confirmed her attendance on the last space available!

Izabella sees this expedition as proving hugely significant for women’s empowerment. However, for Izabella this is not limited to women, to reach true empowerment, men and women must come together and collaborate on a platform of equality. She believes that when a group of inspirational people whom are eager to collaborate, come together for a cause that they all believe in – how can it be anything other than amazing?

Catherine Butler
Assistant Editor-in-Chief


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