Rebecca, one of the league of ladies heading out to Malawi in October on an expedition of collaboration, describes herself as a ‘life-long’ learner! Negotiating life-experiences, taking little gems of knowledge from each encounter she finds herself in.

Originally from Wales, Rebecca has seen quite a lot of the world already! After graduating, she lived in Korea where she taught English, she then went on to travel around Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, so her upcoming expedition to Malawi will be yet another box ticked. Travelling all around the globe allowed her to build up a positive regard for herself and the value that she has to offer.

Rebecca Cheetham

After a difficult past, Rebecca was on a mission to find herself. Through travelling, self-development and meeting her partner, Rebecca was able to create a solid foundation. This foundation acted a springboard, allowing Rebecca to harness her focus and passion to pursue her lifelong dreams and goals.

She had always deliberated on becoming a coach throughout her 20s; at a young age she questioned the extent to which she could add value to the profession. However, upon realising her potential, Rebecca is now a certified coach and training as a public speaker, with the aim of slowly but surely building up her client base and taking over the world (her words not ours)!

On the way home from a Personal Development workshop, Rebecca found the expedition to Malawi promoted on LinkedIn, and was immediately captivated! She spent days ‘umming’ ‘ahing’ over whether she should go, but deep down she knew this was something she could not miss – within a few days she was booking her flights!

For Rebecca the expedition ticked a lot boxes, it actively encouraged the collaboration between women, the formation of personal and professional bonds and of course the experience of Malawian culture.

Personally, Rebecca hopes to learn from each woman that she meets. She also hopes that this process will allow for her to grow even more and explore her weaknesses, as she believes that it is often in moments of adversity that you see the truest parts of you.

Professionally, she seeks to build a strong and supportive network, which lasts beyond the seven days spent in Malawi as she regards the time there as an opportunity to communicate with so many different women. It will be such a passionate and inspirational group of women joining her, and the thought of being surrounded by such women, is an exciting prospect for Rebecca.

For Rebecca, the most anticipated part of the expedition is the two days spent within the village. There she is excited about the prospect of immersing herself within Malawian life and volunteering within a youth group. This part of the expedition is particularly exciting for Rebecca because it mirrors the professional aims in her career. Along with coaching she hopes to work with young people, children who are in and out of foster care, with the ultimate aim of having a significant impact on their future.

In true Rebecca fashion, when asked what part of the expedition, she would find most challenging, it was super-analysed and broken down in to two parts. Firstly the most physically challenging part of the expedition will be the climb up Mount Mulanje. But when discussing her concerns for the hike, she seemed to focus much more on the prospect of being eaten alive by the midges than the five to seven hours she will spend climbing!

Secondly, Rebecca says that the most emotionally challenging part of the expedition for her will be stepping out of her comfort zone as this expedition will involve jumping straight in to Malawian life with only the constant company, thirteen other women who have never met before! Rebecca has travelled solo around the world, but this expedition is different; for her there is an added pressure of being part of a team of women, all with different expectations that will be joining her. (But all of us at KWIB know she’ll be great!).

We will be sharing how Rebecca and all the others in the #leagueofladies get on in Malawi publishing their Vlogs and talking to them all on their return.

Catherine Butler
Assistant Editor in Chief


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