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It seems that modern life has bred generation after generation of moaners!

We get to work at 9:00 only to think how good it will feel to get home. When we do return home after a bad day, we think the best solution is to slump on the sofa with a large glass of wine (because it would be silly not to finish the bottle). And when we finally get to bed, we lay awake dreading that early start for a job we couldn’t care less about.

Ania Jeffries thought enough is enough! Life is too short to waste, and we should not allow this precious time to slip through our fingers! Yes we can all make unfulfilled promises of doing something ‘one-day’, but what does it take to truly take these life-changing opportunities? Ania believes that each and every one of us should be able to hit the pause button, put our lives on hold and take a leap right out of our comfort zones.

Since the age of 25, Ania has always wanted to lead an expedition of women who want to consciously create a better future for the next generation. As you will read in our introductory article on Ania, her passion lies in giving people a voice, this also ties in with her ambition to develop an expedition that hopes to build and sustain professional communities.

As a result of this, Ania has teamed up with and Kate Webb from Orbis Expeditions to turn her dream in to a reality – the ultimate Malawian expedition for female entrepreneurs.

KWIB hope to follow all fourteen women whilst on they are on their expedition Ania is accompanied by; Basia Wilson, Siobhan Daniels, Andrea Starbuck, Brenda Dempsey, Heather Parisi, Debbie McCartney, Becca Cheetham, Chris Leighton, Beverley Webb, Izabella Niewiadomowska, Fiona Clark and Zina Egemonye. All women of collaboration ranging from radio broadcasters, coaches, photographers and nutritionists!

Before departing on the expedition, each woman is in contact with Ania and Kate to organise activities specific to themselves. These may include; a Women’s Village Banking Initiative, Goat Breeding, Computer Literacy, Photography and Radio Broadcasting. It is through this that each participant remains engaged and inspired.

There are many highlights of the expedition; the first is the Female Entrepreneurs Forum, where each women will spend the day with a group of inspirational, female Malawian entrepreneurs, allowing each woman to learn from each other. The ladies on the expedition are sure to be inspired by Malawi’s energetic and fast-paced environment for business development. On a day-to-day basis markets are opened, bursting with customers and sellers haggling prices and product value. This ongoing pulse of electric energy contributes to Malawi’s enchanting and inspiring nature and this is sure to sweep all of these ladies from their feet. Malawi is truly a country of raw entrepreneurship, “I remember my first trip to Africa I was enchanted, inspired and addicted to the busy-ness around me” (Kate Webb).

image grid of pictures from MalawiWhat follows is a physical challenge; this is a hike up Mount Mulanje, where each woman will climb over 1000m walking for anywhere between 5 and 7 hours. This physical challenge is sure to test the mental willpower and physical strength of the ladies on the expedition. Whilst these women may have encountered tricky challenges in business or within their personal lives, this represents a whole new opportunity to take a giant leap out of their comfort zones! After reaching the summit the ladies are encouraged to spend the next morning traversing the mountain, savouring each breath taking view before descending and transferring to Zomba Town.

School children in MalawiAnother peak of the expedition are the two days spent in the village. This also includes working with a youth group and staying overnight with a local family on a homestay. This is another opportunity for the women to immerse themselves within African culture. It allows the women to experience the day-to-day life of a Malawian family and to fully reflect on their way of life back home.

Their final night is another great high-point; it sees the women staying on the idyllic Mumbo Island where they will experience a rustic luxury. It will be a time to truly let their hair down, relax and kick off their sandals. Activities on Mumbo Island include snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and scuba diving.image grid of pictures from Malawi“Going to Malawi was one of the greatest, one of the most rewarding things someone could do. It opened my eyes to the people in Malawi’s lives and how they are so hard working and happy with everything they have and get.” (Nicolle Stewart, June 2017) Malawi is a space where visitors are enveloped within an atmosphere of creativity, entrepreneurship and development. Yet it is also a place where outsiders become insiders, where warm and inviting locals welcome visitors into their homes and their ways of life. “Everyone there is welcoming and friendly. Overall is was the best experience I have ever had and I’d go back in a heartbeat” (Nicolle Stewart, June 2017).

Throughout their expedition, these women are required to actively and effectively communicate with their peers. When collaborating, the women are required to transgress the cultural divide, and endeavour to collaborate with the diverse range of people that they meet. In turn, establishing lasting friendships and business connections. When participating in new and exciting activities, the women are encouraged to establish a space in which each woman feels safe and willing to speak openly.Images of people in MalawiUltimately, this expedition is aimed at nurturing and creating inspirational female leaders who are looking to leave an impactful blueprint on this world.

This truly is an adventure of epic proportions! But don’t you worry, just because you’re not on that flight in October, it doesn’t mean that you will miss out! KWIB will be following this exciting journey every step of the way, with inside scoops on each woman before, during and after their expedition. Stay tuned to hear from each adventure seeker!

More on our expedition developers:

Ania Jeffries, the Confidence Generator is the Founder of Women Work, a Qualified Mindset and Wellbeing Coach and a Licensed NLP Practitioner.

Kate Webb is the Owner of Orbis Expeditions (UK) and The Responsible Safari Company (Malawi).

Catherine Butler
Assistant Editor in Chief


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