So what’s new to the British fashion scene this year? We caught up with Anunita Majumdar the founder of the innovative and creative brand: anunita, to discuss her distinctive fashion line.

Red coat

Anunita is a fashion designer bringing an entirely fresh approach to the industry, combining classic cuts with traditional ways of designing. East meets West as hand-spun, woven fabrics are incorporated into Western silhouettes.

Anunita doesn’t follow a particular trend and has instead created an innovative collection of bespoke pieces, with each item being unique to the others. The collection is not mass-produced; with Anunita, textiles come first and you can be sure you are wearing something made with care.

All of Anunita’s pieces have been made with the finest Indian silk and cotton, drawing on her love for hand-woven textiles and handcrafted metal embroidery. Anunita’s attention to detail and passionate work ethic has enabled her to become an incredibly successful business woman, dedicated to growing her brand.

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Largely inspired by Balenciaga, Anunita is challenging the typical designs found in our high streets with exciting new ideas and talent.

Anunita began her professional life immersed within education, most recently employed at Heriot-Watt University where she was employed as a Freelance Lecturer and then an Assistant Course Director. However, Anunita has recently embraced her natural creative side and has started her own online women’s fashion business.

Since she was young she has always been inspired and enthused by the arts and culture in her upbringing. Anunita regards herself as a creative person; drawing inspiration from culture and tradition. She often finds herself lost within the creative side of life, uninterested in the formal and regulatory structures of everyday life.

However, Anunita only began designing about five years ago, with the stresses and obstructions of everyday life restricting her from truly embracing this part of her.

More recently, with the full support and encouragement from her family, Anunita has been able to fully immerse herself within the creative realm of fashion designing. Whilst Anunita does not aspire to be like any one brand or designer, she knows that her love of fashion has always been with her, following her through life.

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Anunita extracts her inspiration from her encounter with Eastern and Western fashion. For Anunita, her designs reflect her own identity, and how this has been informed through her experience in the meeting of Eastern and Western culture. Her designs bridge together two very different worlds; India and the UK, allowing customers to experience this through her unique and innovative clothing.

Her brand utilises the rich, colourful and extravagant textiles of India, whilst incorporating Western silhouettes. The fabrics that Anunita uses in her designs are all naturally woven, handmade and environmentally friendly, providing experiences of unsullied luxury.

In today’s society the art of ‘being true to yourself’ is a celebrated aspect of modern times. Therefore, Anunita believes that fashion holds a distinct and creative way of expressing identity. We are fortunate that in the UK we are surrounded by and immersed within so many different types of culture. Elements of these cultures are incorporated in to everyday life, but also within fashion. For Anunita the communication of her identity through her designs is immensely important. Her identity is rooted within the intersection of Eastern and Western culture. Her experience of the joining of two very different ways of life, and how she has come to negotiate this life and end up as a Mother, and academic, a creative and a successful business owner. Anunita’s line expresses the evolving nature of her life, and provides beautiful solutions to hectic lives.

Magenta coat

Anunita insists that fashion is a creative platform, through which each person can express their individual identity and her consistent draw to this means that each piece is bespoke, holding its own story, it is a product of a meticulous and thorough process beginning as a selected piece of Indian fabric, which shapes the design into the perfect style of clothing.

There is certainly a gap in the fashion market for Anunita’s brand, especially for those who walk in to a high-street shop and want to walk straight back out again, on account of their unimaginative range. With her designs, Anunita directly challenges the range of uninspired and identical clothing that fills our high-street shops. Her brand represents innovation and originality, and for those who are looking for something fresh and new, Anunita definitely fits the bill!

Catherine Butler
Assistant Editor in Chief


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