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Dean Holland goes from being the victim of a holdup to becoming a multi-million-dollar entrepreneur

Dean Holland always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Before he was even licensed to drive, he purchased a food truck with the help of a loan from his mother and worked long days to earn a solid income. His mother would drop him off in the afternoon, unhitch the food truck from her car, and then pick him up later that evening.

Dean made decent money doing this — upwards of $1,000 a day. All was going well until the day he was robbed by three men. The experience was so jarring that Dean gave up the food truck altogether and went to work first at a bar and later at a construction company. He was barely making ends meet.

As the years went by, he sought desperately to find some other income source. He focused his search on Internet marketing and bought product after expensive product, program after pricey program, with no success.
“I was about 24 years old,” Dean shares, “and I had somewhere between sixty and seventy thousand dollars in debt on credit cards and loans.”

Finally in 2008, he found a mentor who helped him learn how to build an online marketing business from the ground up and Dean began to experience the success he had always dreamed of. By the end of 2010, he had generated hundreds of thousands of dollars. What he felt was missing, though, was the opportunity to capture what had worked for him and easily share it with others.

Now, he’s on a mission to help 100,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses using the Internet. He launched his program to a resounding, seven-figure success.

“Within six months of joining the ClickFunnels Inner Circle program, my company doubled our revenues,” shares Dean. “Within the first year, we tripled it. We’re in the multiple seven figures now.”

He credits ClickFunnels president Russell Brunson with helping him rediscover a passion for his business that he now shares with fellow entrepreneurs.


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