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A man singing with a guitar at his work desk

Team building exercises are intended to develop understanding and respect between staff, as well as increasing productivity levels and morale within the team. After all, helping to enhance your team is a crucial part of improving the overall performance of a flourishing company.

While high staff turnover and absenteeism will not help to achieve a businesses’ financial goals, these are often caused when the majority of staff aren’t happy at work.

Despite this, it has been reported that less than 25% of employers currently implement a sufficient engagement strategy, even though ensuring teams are cared for and supported is likely to improve a businesses’ standing amongst competitors. Unfortunately, those who do implement team building exercises often resort to predictable games and competitions which leave employees feeling like the day would have been better spent at their desk.

To find a solution, businesses are seeking ways to continue with team building but by using more exciting or interesting activities. An activity that is growing in popularity is singing as a team, as it offers something different and gives staff a change of scenery and routine. Incentives such as this could be the key to sustaining the dedication of your employees.

The BIG Sing, a community choir in various locations across the UK, has several reasons why singing can be an excellent team building exercise:

It develops communication

Singing as a group means that staff have to talk and listen to each. Communication and following instruction are things that traditional team building often seek to develop but singing offers a more interesting way to do so. People have to rely on each other to learn a new song, so quite often people end up communicating who wouldn’t otherwise talk to each other at work. Listening to one another are valuable skills that can then be transferred into every day work.

It puts everyone in the same boat

When employers tell their staff they are going to have a day singing together as a group, it’s often met with surprise and an element of nervousness as it’s not something that people are used to. However, this can be a really good thing, as it puts everyone in the same boat and breaks down any barriers. Encouraging equality is really important in the workplace and getting people singing together on the same level can relieve any tension within the team and shake up routine. It’s natural that people form groups at work and it can be easy to only talk to the same people each day, an activity like singing as a group ensures the whole team have to work together.

It has positive impacts

Much like exercise, singing releases endorphins and as a result has a number of feel-good impacts, while the process of learning a new skill with other people builds a bond and boosts morale. Teams tend to feel good at having accomplished something together and the room always ends up being filled with infectious laughter. Workplace stresses inevitably arise, but singing can be an excellent stress reliever and is likely to leave people more prepared to face the rest of the working week because they have had a break.

It relies on teamwork

A productive team depends on the level of teamwork that your staff exhibit and singing together definitely relies on team work. Singing isn’t restricted to age or related to anyone’s work ability, so it can bring people together as a team in a way that they don’t usually get a chance to. Lots of people enjoy the activity so much that they choose to join a community choir with their colleagues, developing team morale even further!

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