‘How Women Rise’ is written by Sally Helgesen the bestselling author and internationally acclaimed speaker and consultant; for 28 years she has helped develop women leaders throughout the world.

‘How Women Rise’ aims to empower women by honing in on the specific barriers which face them in business today and revealing how some of the most high-powered women overcame them.

Everyone has self-limiting behaviours; this is simply part of being human. You can be talented, hardworking, ambitious and “leaning in” but still be held back for a variety of reasons. However women often face various external barriers as they seek to advance in their career and sometimes face specific roadblocks to success.

Clearly a lot of work still needs to be done to change the imbalance and unfair treatment of women in business. But for now why not play the game to your advantage and rethink old habits and self-limiting behaviours? Habits and behaviours develop in response to experiences, and women often have different experiences in the workplace than men. The good news is that your behaviours lie within your control, whereas external forces such as unconscious bias may not.

There is a well-known phenomenon of “speaking while female.” A number of studies confirm the truth of a common female perception: Men often have trouble hearing women when they speak. Because experience shapes behaviour, repeatedly having your voice ignored may begin to influence how you respond, even when people are hanging on your every word. And your responses, over time, become habits.

Your responses help shape your circumstances, and your behaviours shape how others respond to you. That’s why being able to identify these behaviours is so important. With an easy-to-follow structure ‘How Women Rise’ identifies the 12 habits that can stop women from achieving their potential in the (unfortunately) still male-dominated world of business.

Packed with vivid, real-life examples and straight-forward advice, this book will be a game-changer for any woman who wants to move to the next level of their career.

About Sally

Sally Helgesen is an internationally acclaimed speaker and consultant who specialises in helping women achieve their potential in the workplace. She has delivered leadership programmes to companies including Microsoft, IBM, the World Bank and Pfizer. A contributing editor to strategy+business magazine, Helgesen is the author of six bestselling books including the classic bestseller The Female Advantage, as well as The Web of Inclusion, which was named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the greatest leadership books of all time.



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