Header image for post of a woman lying in a pile of clothes with her hands on her head looking stressedWhat a lovely April it’s been, we’ve had a taste for summer and I think this puts us in exactly the right frame of mind for Spring shopping.

The best way to embrace a new season is to start by looking over the past season and address how you want to move forward. My starting point is always a wardrobe detox. The point to a ‘wardrobe detox’ is to cleanse the wardrobe of things you no longer need or wear. You absolutely have to be ruthless.

I start by looking at all my heavy knitwear. You need to accept clothes don’t last forever. Knitwear in particular will naturally pill and bobble and go out of shape so this is a good place to start.

You need to look at everything as though you were shopping your wardrobe. Would you buy that today? Is it over worn? Has it ever been worn? You need to answer these questions seriously and then decide if it’s heading to the recycling bag, the charity bag or you are going to launder it and put it away for next year.

These rules apply to the whole of your wardrobe, bras, knickers, vests and slips included. Try everything on as through you were in a shop fitting room and think, would you buy this still? Does it just have hanger appeal or do you feel amazing in it and can’t wait to wear it out the door.

From the detox you can then access any gaps you have in your wardrobe and create a shopping list.

These first steps are vital so that you save money in the long term. You can see if you have any repeat buying patterns or lacking in one vital area. The end goal is to have less but wear more, to walk out the door loving what you are wearing as this is intrinsic with our confidence and the decisions/interactions we make during the day ahead.

Victoria Genevieve

Personally I find Pinterest a wonderful source of inspiration and I encourage clients to look at styles they love or outfits they’d like to achieve for the season ahead. This is a great platform to create your own personal style mood-board. Simply type in the search bar, smart casual or summer work wear etc, you will have in front of you many outfits of inspiration to guide you through the season ahead.

If you have a capsule wardrobe that works you have more time and more choice of what to wear as you can really see what options you have. Try to buy classic items for your capsule wardrobe before buying into trends but if you feel you have the basics covered add a few accessories that are fun and nod to the trends instead of coving yourself head to toe in what the fashion magazines say we should be wearing.

I really believe less is more and investing a bit of time in your wardrobe twice a year stops a lot of impulse buying of things you never end up wearing or love.



Victoria is an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist and Fashion & Lifestyle Writer graduating from the London College of Fashion. 

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