Labrador smart box It’s been documented in many articles that the energy sector has challenges with gender diversity. This has seen the sector less open to new ideas which puts into perspective just how big a challenge Labrador CEO Jane Lucy has overcome to get her venture off the ground.

Labrador, a London founded energy tech firm, has raised more than £1m from over 30 investors including Ian Marchant, the former CEO of SSE Plc; Stephen Beynon, ex-British Gas Residential MD; and Hambro Perks. The firm has created a smart device, which once plugged into a mains and router, constantly tracks a household’s energy consumption while monitoring the market for better deals.

Labrador makes both energy comparison and switching simpler and more accurate, and also empowers consumers to take control of unlocking smart meter benefits.

Jane herself admits that she has achieved this, even though she has never run a startup before, is not a technical founder, and is a single mum to her son Julian. She has done all of this without waiting for or expecting regulatory change but has used her legal background to create her own opportunities for consumers.

This is not Jane’s first endeavour in championing the cause of the consumer, having worked previously with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to create the first collaborative communities around money and land and took on the supermarkets.

Editor in Chief Paul Bailes caught up with Jane to find out what really makes her tick:

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