Esther Stanhope is an international speaker, impact guru and former live BBC producer dedicated to helping women become more confident and charismatic in business.

“Believe it or not you have a personal brand right at this moment, whether you like it or not. People think about you and you leave an impression on your audience all of the time,” says Esther Stanhope.

Esther Stanhope
Esther Stanhope
The realisation can be terrifying that people might say one or two things about you when you leave the room, when you’re up for a promotion, about to do a deal or when you walk out of the pitch.
“Here’s the good news!” shouts Esther. “You can decide, you have choice to leave your audience with a lasting impression. Why not leave them with the one thing you want them to think.“
Branding on a business level is very common, but today branding is becoming just as important on a personal level. You may work for a business that works with other businesses, but it’s people working with people and that’s what makes business relationships valuable.
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With so much buzz around personal branding Esther and a team of experts are putting on a  fun and energizing half day master class at London’s infamous Groucho Club, featuring Lego Serious Play to help you hack your personal brand.
The masterclass will be held on March 27th  between 0900-1230. It really will be a chance to relax, play, and network in an easy-going environment, with LEGO and many other great companies.

What you’ll experience at the masterclass:

  • Lego Serious Play – with branding expert Shaun Jones
  • A woman who knows her words – Marketing genius Kim Arnold
  • Fantastic networking opportunities with leaders, architects, creatives, lawyers, entrepreneurs and city professionals
  • The Impact Guru & host
Click here for more information on the event


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