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Research conducted by GlobalWebIndex ahead of Mothers’ Day 2018 reveals that on average, UK mothers spend 2 hours 12 minutes each day on social media and have seven social media accounts.  

Exploring the social and ecommerce trends among mothers globally, the findings unveil that nearly nine in ten UK mothers are now on Facebook (89%) and more than half have now adopted Instagram (54%) to share their photos.  

Purchase choices are now driven by added perks such as free delivery. 76% of UK mothers state this is the greatest driver for them to make a purchase, 17% more than the global average. In the UK, mothers also expect things quickly, with 42% stating that ‘next-day delivery’ encourages them to buy. 

Another area of discrepancy between mothers in the UK and globally is the attitude towards loyalty schemes. Despite the decline in value for companies such as Nectar in recent years, 49% of UK mothers consider loyalty points an important draw. This compares to just 34% at a global level. 

Globally millennial mothers are money savvy and proactive investors

Looking specifically at millennial mothers, those between the ages of 25 and 34, 51% say they are proactive about investing money – compared to 44% of non-mothers – and they are 15% more likely to say they are interested in personal finance. 

Compared to their millennial counterparts without children, millennial mothers are over 70% more likely to be purchasing financial products online (e.g. life insurance, mortgages etc.) A third have done so in the past six months. A fifth of this group have also invested in real estate and property, and the same proportion have also invested in stocks and shares. 

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