The big ‘D’ word. I’m not talking about feeling a bit low or sad but full-blown feeling like crap and wondering if it’s all worth it. Even when life around you is exceptionally good, depression can still raise its ugly head and burn your brain like a frazzled piece of plastic that has landed in hot ash. It can come from anywhere and unexpectedly and doesn’t necessarily happen quickly, but builds up over a period of time which, in turn, makes it harder to realise it’s actually happening.

With the increase of social awareness on mental health, we are, as a society, are starting to appreciate that it’s ok to feel low and we can get out of it. We are under new pressures, new demands with life, work, family and being the perfect someone in the perfect world that social media portrays. We are seeing an increase of teenagers feeling depressed and even suicidal! Why? If only we can get through to them that social media, tv and caring what anyone else thinks is just an unnecessary worry and the only person that really matters is themselves. We are a society that loves to degrade and put people down for being themselves. We need more uplifting, motivated and inspirational role models.

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