Let’s face it, even though we are a good 17 years in to a new millennium women still seem to be overlooked and often omitted from some professional fields. Although the gender pay gap is coming under greater scrutiny and slowly but surely starting to close, there is still much work to be done in recognition of women as business leaders within their profession.

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KWIB has been championing women in business now for five years, providing insightful and aspirational business content for
the entrepreneurial and business orientated women living or working in Kent who are looking to develop their business, career
or help others to do so.

We now believe however that it is time to break new boundaries not only for KWIB but also for women as business leaders and
that the time is right to focus not only on Kent but also within the UK as a whole. It’s for this reason that ‘Kent’ is being replace
with ‘Key’ –Key Women in Busi­­ness.

Paul Bailes, KWIB Director of Marketing and Branding who is also MD of Cohesion Marketing Communications explains: “more
and more we are seeing organisations seriously looking at gender and diversity issues and believe KWIB can help with this.
We’ve worked with the Chartered Insurance Institute for over ten years. The last 12 months have seen them appoint a female
CEO and President and their desire to drive diversity through the Insurance sector has seen them implement some major progammes:

The Chartered Insurance Institute has opted to publish their gender pay report early in the interest of transparency and, more importantly, so that the need to actively work to reduce their own pay gap remains at the forefront of the organisation’s thinking.
Likewise the work of the Insuring Womens Future programme is not only about the insurance industry looking inward, it is working
to raise awareness among the wider public – both men and women – that due to number of reasons, women are directly impacted
more than men and are exposed to significant financial risks that they are perhaps unaware of.

Working to change inequality in any area of life – business, political, social – requires tenacity and a resilience to not give up at the first hurdle you come to. As we have already seen in the five years of Kent Women in Business, there is no shortage of inspirational examples and KWIB is looking forward to championing the success of women both in and beyond Kent. After all, we are only limited by the boundaries of our own minds and at KWIB we look forward to bringing you more insight from women who continue to push through and break boundaries of their own.



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