My name is Joshua Bartfeld Birch Jones and I am 12 years old. I am currently a pupil at Sevenoaks School in Kent.

My hobbies are fashion design, art and english. I love shutting myself away and creating something magical whether it be a new design or painting on a canvas. I find it a great escapism where I can just get absorbed in creating something new.

Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil and doodle, I always drew women’s clothes, my inspiration came from my mother’s wardrobe and from all her gorgeous dresses. I was brought up surrounded by women you see. It’s a bit unusual for a boy to like fashion, but I love it.

Over the years I have drawn and designed women’s clothes especially evening gowns and very glamorous ones. I have sketch pads filled to the brim with designs.

Whilst doing that and looking at women’s fashion, and listening to what my mummy always moaned about, I stumbled across a gap in the marketplace, and this is where my day to night capsule collection was created. I want to bring back some glamour to the boardroom in my designs and creations, with clever use of corporate structured fabrics and über glamorous silks etc.

The main part of my collection is the skirt trousers and jacket, they are the key pieces of the collection because they all take you from a normal working day to a formal function or night out just from reversing key pieces!

There are many reversible tops, vests and blouses which alter the looks and add a splash of colour too! This collection really does take you from day to night without really having to think about your wardrobe, perfect for any woman on the go who likes a bit of oomphy glamour in the evenings.

The capsule collection is also good for trips away where outfits need to be planned but packed perfectly into a week or weekend away case. Simplicity at its best!

I believe everyone is entitled to wear what they want to wear, but through my designs empowering and making women feel glamorous and confident in the work place is the ethos behind my collection!

I just hope women love it!

Joshua Bartfeld Birch Jones


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