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Welcome to the new health, fitness and sports page. I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to share with you the real world of all things fitness and wellbeing.

I’ve grown my business surrounded by the continually evolving industry that can play a positive part of your daily life including awesome opportunities to ensure you stay motivated and active. I have also seen the confusion and hype of unsafe propaganda causing yo-yo dieting or injury, resulting in once motivated participants becoming deflated and confused by their constant binge eating or their ‘sleeping’ membership to the fancy gym down the road.

I have been a personal trainer for many years, working in some of the best known health clubs in the country.I’ve worked alongside some of the best trainers and trained 100’s of clients myself and taught classes in community halls to prestige clubs and now own my own company working with fantastic clients as well as athletes, delivering performance related programmes. I’ve worked as management, supporting teams of instructors and trainers in various health clubs and leisure centres. If you really wanted to see my credentials, then a quick visit to my web will fill in all the gaps.

What I do want to get across is the experience I have had and the amazing people that I have helped. Exercise really does do more than people initially believe. It’s not just the physical benefits but more so the psychological changes that can be made that improve a person’s outlook on life.

This page will not be filled with pictures of exercises that you can find in every other magazine, but I will be sharing real stories from real people that train at my gym and who have overcome some real life obstacles and why exercise has massively improved them in so many different ways. Maybe you might connect with these people and in some crazy media way, it may just give you the confidence and motivation needed to get up and go for it.

If it is a workout you are looking for, then at the end of each article, there will be a link to a video coaching you through some awesome moves. I’ll also leave my email address, in case you want to connect with questions or your own stories.

My future articles will contain real life stories from clients that I currently work with covering real life issues and how fitness and strength training has not only been a milestone to pursue but how it’s allowed them to grow psychologically and helped them overcome barriers which, in turn, has brought amazing results.

We will cover stories including recovering and training after cancer, tackling obesity, anxiety and dealing with life changing experiences that have left women desperate and unhappy.

Real women, real stories and how training has given them that lift…

I look forward to being part of the K.W.I.B family

Mel Young


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