Definitely one to watch, the lovely Miss Amy Baker has been entertaining audiences across the South Coast for the past 7 years. Now, her wings are spreading beyond Portsmouth and the past year has taken her on an incredible journey, touring around the UK and overseas to prestigious events such as the Cannes Yachting Festival.

This brown-eyed, brunette beauty is taking the jazz scene by storm and has recently shared a stage with the infamous boogie-woogie pianist, Mike Sanchez, American guitar hero, Peter Donegan, West End superstar, Cassidy Janson, The Jive Aces and more! On top of her jam-packed schedule with well-known artists, Amy also performs solo at weddings and events, but can also be seen accompanied by her band Amy and the Swing Beats. (Catch them in the Vintage Village at Car Fest South, at the end of the month!)

‘Her voice is simply one the most beautiful I have heard; her tone and pitch is just mesmerizing. So much so I booked Amy there and then for an international launch event in Cannes. Amy’s presence and beautiful voice will add a wonderful backdrop to our world premiere’
Trevor DeFaoite
Sales Director, Outer Reef Yachts Europe Limited

Whilst Amy is presently known for her vintage vocal stylings, which are comparable to the legendary Jive singer, Keeley Smith, Amy began her singing career as an Adele tribute act. In fact, if you are ever fortunate enough to see this gorgeous girl perform a solo set, you might notice that she ends each performance with “Skyfall”, Adele’s contribution to the long list of James Bond theme songs… so, now, you’re in on the joke, too.

On meeting Miss Amy, her warmth and kindness bowls you over; her dazzling smile is certainly reminiscent of a 1940s pin-up, but what might take you aback is how softly spoken she is. Despite having the ability to belt out numbers such as “Too Darn Hot” (Ella Fitzgerald) and “Saved” (Lavern Baker) on stage, her voice is, naturally, small and sweet; during the interview, she joked with me that she gets embarrassed listening to her talking voice because she sounds “like a child”.

‘Amy’s vintage looks and soothing jazz vocals will whisk you back to times forgotten.’
As heard on BBC Radio

Miss Amy Baker is the full package, beautiful, talented and down-to-earth. I am pleased to say that I had the good fortune of catching up with Amy at Summertime Swing and here’s what she had to say:

Lulu: Amy, what inspired you to become a vintage singer?

Amy: I think, mainly, it was my mum. She has always collected vintage clothing and that introduced me to the music, the vintage scene and I just fell in love with it, really.

Lulu: Who is your idol from that era?

Amy: My favourite vintage singer has to be Ella Fitzgerald, because she is the voice of jazz, but I also enjoy Doris Day and Peggy Lee.

Lulu: What are your top three favourite songs to sing?

Amy: Now, that’s a hard one! Since singing with The Jive Aces, they opened me up to a lot more numbers that I wouldn’t necessarily hand sung in the past, so… I really love singing “Saved” by Lavern Baker. I really enjoy my newest number, that I sang today at Summertime Swing, called “Get Happy”… and I think my other favourite is “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”.

Lulu: What are some of the most prestigious venues that you have performed at?

Amy: I think some of my favourite venues to perform at have been Ronnie Scott’s… it was just a guest spot, but it was really cool because that is the place that every jazz singer wants to sing at. The one that makes everyone say “Ooooo!” is Glastonbury!

[Amy was beaming from ear to ear as she said “Glastonbury”!]

Lulu: Where would you like to sing next?

Amy: I was watching the Proms the other week and they had a big evening celebrating Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday… that would be the dream… to sing at the Proms with a big band, or a big orchestra. That would amazing.

Lulu: Where are you singing next? Where can we catch you?

Amy: I’m singing at the Edinburgh Fringe, but after that I can’t remember [laugher]… but you can check it out on my website –

Lulu: The option for some shameless promotion [and, hopefully, some freebies for the shout-out]… Amy, who are you wearing today?

Amy: I am wearing my newest Vivien of Holloway dress. [Halterneck Pencil Floral Noir Dress, £89]

[For those of you who don’t know, Vivien of Holloway is the Queen of Quality and Belle of the Ball when it comes to vintage reproduction clothing. Vivien is hailed as royalty within vintage fashion circles and has multiple fan clubs across Social Media platforms.]

Lulu: Have you ever met Vivien?

Amy: Yes! In fact, I met her last week at the War and Peace Revival, she was lovely! Maybe she can send me some dresses [giggles].


Fun Facts about Amy:

  1. When she isn’t singing, would you believe that Miss Amy’s favourite past-time is weight-lifting? Amy finds that exercise really helps her to focus.
  2. Miss Baker’s top tip for being a self-employed singer is to “always sing what you love”. According to Amy, venues will book you for that reason alone as “a happy singer attracts a happy audience”.
  3. If you want to be in favour with Amy, her favourite beauty product is Clarins Everlasting Foundation because “it doesn’t budge”.
  4. Amy’s most embarrassing moment was when she was approached by a gentleman, at one of her gigs, who told her she sounded too much like Ella Fitzgerald… it wasn’t a compliment!



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