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Award-winning food writer Natalie Seldon is set to change the way we look at the humble nut and seed for good…

With plant-based proteins predicted by industry experts as one of the hottest food trends of 2017*; we will be seeing a lot more nuts and seeds in the world of food this year. Nuts and seeds are gluten, wheat and dairy free so their appeal is clear. Contemporary eateries such as Grain Store, Berber & Q and Deliciously Ella’s The MaE Deli have already clocked onto their ever-increasing popularity, offering vegetarian protein sources as standard fare and many more establishments look set to follow in their footsteps.

But the hype surrounding nuts and seeds is more than just another ‘clean-eating’ food fad. These nutritional powerhouses can help maintain a healthy heart, support your immune system, give you glowing skin and keep your brain in top condition. They are sustainable, readily available and most importantly, taste great.

Full of sumptuous recipes that are both indulgent and nourishing, The Goodness of Nuts & Seeds is a stunning collection of recipes in which Natalie Seldon cleverly demonstrates how to introduce these nutrient-rich heroes with minimum fuss. Natalie believes we need to reassess the way we consume nuts and seeds at
home and encourages us to celebrate their versatility, using them as the basis for as many of our everyday meals as possible.

Recipes range from breakfast alternatives such as Buckwheat and Almond Waffles with Chocolate Date Syrup and Orange, Poppy Seed & Pistachio Brunch Muffins, healthy lunch ideas such as Halloumi and Red Pepper Tacos or Roast Chicory and Lemon Salad with Turmeric Walnuts and inventive dinners including Tahini and Miso-roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Sesame. Plus, delicious vegan-friendly desserts like Chai, Raspberry and Coconut slice (inspired by the much-loved retro Wagon Wheel) and Raw Peach Melba Cheesecake on a pistachio and coconut crust.

Chapters in the book will be broken down by nut and seed ‘Milk, Oil and Butter’, ‘Chopped and Whole’ and ‘Ground’, all of which include smart advice and simple adaptations on planning ahead.

The Goodness of Nuts & Seeds is a practical and inspiring cookbook that shines the light on one of the hottest food trends of the year, and makes healthy-eating realistic on any day of the week.

Natalie Seldon is a name to look out for in 2017. Giving up a lucrative career in fashion with Alexander McQueen to pursue her passion for food, she has gone on to work for over 10 years as one of the country’s most sought-after food writer and stylists, working with several leading publications as well as industry heavyweights such as Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson. A creative cook with a fine visual eye, Natalie also maintains her popular blog and Instagram account, where she shares her passion for all things beautiful in the hope that her readers will find pleasure and sustenance in nutritious, honest food. In her eyes, a home kitchen is a place of creativity and enjoyable cooking should be simple, fresh and tasty!

Natalie’s personal approach to food centres on balance rather than restriction, although she has been dairy-free for years due to intolerance. Mindful eating became even more important when her mother was diagnosed

with cancer whilst Natalie was writing The Goodness of Nuts & Seeds. The whole family adopted a more plant-based protein diet to help aid her recovery, and can

personally attest to the positive effects of introducing more nuts and seeds into their meals.

Natalie Seldon
Twitter – @pretty_edible
Instagram – @prettyediblestylist

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