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Maddie aged 13 handicap 24
My name is Maddie Wise. I am 13 years old and I attend Sevenoaks School. I play for Knole Park Golf Club juniors section and I am part of Kent Girls Golf. I have been a member of Knole Park for a year and a half. When I joined Knole Park, although there was a strong juniors section there were only two other girls. Now we have six so that means there is always another girl to play with. Knole Park was a really great place for me to start golf as the members are really supportive of all new juniors, whatever their standard. Knole Park is not an easy course, but it prepares you for courses to come.

My handicap is 23.7 and has just recently been reduced after the last Junior Stableford competition. I am currently playing in the Junior Stablefords which are regular through the holidays and some weekends. I’m aiming to get my handicap down to 18 by the end of summer holidays. I would say I am more of a social golfer. I enjoy playing with the other juniors and with my family at weekends and on holiday. I don’t have lots of time to devote to golf as I have other sports such as running and hockey which take up much of my time. I would definitely encourage more girls to play golf as it’s a good sport you can play throughout your life with many different people.

Annabel aged 15 Handicap 11
I enjoy playing golf as it is a sport I can play in the countryside, meeting new people and meeting the challenge of always trying to improve. I also enjoy the history, traditions, etiquette and the wide variety of formats.

I first started playing when I was about 4 years old. My father used to take me to the driving range and he let me hit some balls while he practised. I started having group lessons with other children and eventually ended up as a member of a golf club.
I am a member of Knole Park, but have played on courses all over the UK. I have also played abroad on holiday. The great thing about golf is that there are courses all over the world and the sport enables you to get out and enjoy the countryside.

Playing with the Kent Ladies junior section has enabled me to develop friendships all over the county. I have a much larger circle of friends from different places. It’s great fun when we get together for a training session or a match.

Julliette aged 12 handicap 29
I was born in Finland. Apparently my parents used to give me a couple of balls to hit with a mini golf club. This was near a lake. But, as I got older I would be able to hit the balls harder and so they would land in the lake. My parents soon stopped doing that. We then moved to Cyprus and near our house there was a terrible golf course. It was actually an old runaway. But we still played on it and it was alright. I used to have lessons with a teacher. I didn’t have a set of clubs yet so I borrowed some from him. I remember, once, I broke one of his clubs as I was hitting on a driving range. I have no idea how I did that. About two hours away there was a beautiful golf course near the sea called Aphrodite Hills. In our last year there I started taking lessons every weekend. It was really fun. I remember doing the 3 hole competitions! After that we moved to Cameroon, Africa. Just next to our house there is a really pretty golf course about 2 minutes away from our house. It’s very hilly but you have caddies there which makes a huge difference. The bad thing is that they don’t have many competitions and that the course is not very well looked after. On it, the villagers who live around it can just randomly walk around or have a picnic in the middle of the hole. They can also just buy a plot of land and start growing crops. So around the golf and sometimes on it there are tufts of land that just have plants and fruits growing on it! I also play on a very nice course in the south-west of France by the coast where we usually spend some of our summer holidays. It’s quite flat and compared to the course in Cameroon, it’s extremely well looked after. Now I obviously play at Knole Park and it’s really great fun!

Dottie aged 13 handicap 23
Unlike other people I got into golf by watching one summer’s day, as a ten year old, from a footpath on the edge of Westerham golf club when I was on a charity
cycle ride.

The following Easter holidays I got a chance to finally play myself and I loved golf from my very first lesson. I particularly enjoy the social aspect of junior golf, it’s a great fun way to meet lots of new friends. With golf you also can visit different places: I have played in Florida where the water hazards weren’t just tricky they were scary because you didn’t want to hit a ball into a lake in case you woke up the alligators! Golf gear is surprisingly attractive if you look in the right places, I really love my new golf shirt and skirt and I have bright pink golf shoes. I’d say to any teenager to give golf a go, it’s a great way to spend the day.

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