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I was delighted to be asked to take on the role of Junior Girls’ Representative at Knole Park Golf Club. I am a keen golfer and I too learnt to play the game as a child, so I appreciate what a head start you can get by honing your golf swing at an early age.

Over the last two seasons we have seen our girls’ membership triple and although numbers are still quite modest, we are confident that we can maintain that growth rate. Not only do the girls get to participate in the full range of Junior competitions which we run at Knole Park thought out the school holidays, but the girls squad is now of a sufficient size that they are able to represent the Club in female only team events and as we all know, success breeds success. Four of our girls are current members of the Kent County Squad and two of them are ambassadors for Girls’ Golf Rocks which is a new initiative designed to get more girls into golf.

For their part, the girls gain invaluable experience of representing themselves, their club and county in the sporting arena and wider world. They become team players as well as individual stars and they learn to think strategically and concentrate over a prolonged period in a pressurised competitive environment. They are confident, active young women happy to play their part in a vibrant mixed gender community. All valuable skills for girls who will be entering the business world in the not too distant future. What’s not to like!

Whilst we as a Club know that the girls will in time leave us for university and far off fields, the more children we can get involved in the game, the more chance they will return to it whenever career and family commitments permit. It is over 10,000 steps (trust me I’ve measured it!) to play 18 holes around the beautiful undulating fairways of our ancient deer park at Knole, and that is assuming you are actually on the fairway! On certain days it can involve a lot more steps, but whether your golf is good or bad, the game is a great form of exercise for women of all ages. So get your girls involved in golf but don’t be left behind yourself. Come with them and have a lesson on our state of the art practice facilities and, if nothing else, enjoy the stunning views and the fresh air. It is never too late to learn and golf is a sport that you can enjoy well into your later years. We even have some sprightly 90 year old members who put us all to shame! If you or your daughters are interested in coming along to a taster session or taking a series of lessons with our professional coaching staff, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Michele Desmond

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