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Hi my name is Scarlet Isherwood and I am 17, I currently study a Level 2 in Art and Design as Canterbury College in Kent.

Going to college was my first formal education since I was 7 years old, I honestly never expected to enjoy it as much as I currently am!

Between the ages of 7 and 16, I had been home educated so I think I really got the feel for art and design during that point in my life.

I started to get a feel for art and design when I started drawing and that slowly progressed into painting.

When I stated my college course, I began to get a feel for ceramics and sculpture, and as a result I am thinking of going into doing ceramics and glass at university.

I think the reason I enjoy art so much is because you can do so much with it, one of my personal favourite things to put into art is the sea.

The way it’s just so messy yet clean and beautiful at the same time really fascinates me.

My favourite thing to incorporate into my work is octopi and jellyfish, the way they move is a really interesting thing to incorporate into a piece of work and I actually ended up making an octopus for the M.A.R.S (maths, art, religion, science) project at college.

I’m currently working on a project on metamorphosis, showing how viruses and disease affect the body in multiple ways, again using to my advantage how flexible and versatile art truly is!

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