Last night I overheard my two girls debating the fact that the TV was a “liar!” I stopped by the door and listened to the debate with interest and marginal concern.

It turns out, my youngest, who is quite the authority on the English language at six (a know-it-all in loose translation) was troubled how the last two adverts for washing powder had both claimed to be the best on the market. Her concern, you can only have one winner, you can only have one best in class: So how can both products make these outlandish claims!? I smiled to myself and inwardly contemplated the lovely honesty and undeniable intrigue we have when we are young and innocent. Today I have thought of this in a different context: we all make business pledges to be the best, to provide the best customer service, the best consultancy, the best product, the best results. But do we? Do we, as business people, push ourselves to deliver more every time? This edition of KWIB is marking our fifth year and what an achievement that is…

The one thing I can claim to be honestly and without assuming we are the best (although I do hope we are as we aim to be!) is that this edition is filled with people who do promise the exceptional and deliver it. They promise to change the way we do business by sharing experiences, motivations and above all business acumen.

I am proud to have met the people who make KWIB possible, those who bring it alive with their stories of success, failure and optimism. In driving your career forward, I know you push to achieve dizzy heights and cannot afford to be anything but the best, to try your hardest and to strive to be exceptional, and what an amazing subscriber base we have the privilege of working with. So, as the sun starts to shine and the British summertime is upon us, let’s all try to enjoy our ‘best’ summer yet!



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