Ten2two introduces businesses to the hundreds of local professionals returning to the workplace.

Playground Noise

With over half a million children experiencing school for the first time after every summer, we are inundated with mothers and increasingly fathers who are turning their attention to returning to work or changing their current working pattern.

Flexible Professionals

More and more women with professional skills return to work seeking jobs offering flexible hours, aiming to commit to a rewarding job alongside their family responsibilities. They’re also looking to work locally, maximising working hours while minimising commuting time.

In a 2015 a survey of 650 women returning to work felt employers’ attitudes towards flexible work was an important factor in their decision to work for a company.

Specialist Solution

With no easy way to access this talent pool and being professional returners themselves Andrea Starbuck and Kirsteen Allen set up Ten2two Kent back in 2012. As a specialist recruitment agency Ten2Two exclusively helps local businesses find local professional part-time staff. With a thriving community of over 3,500 professionals the skill range is hugely varied. From HR and finance to marketing and sales our clients are always amazed at the quality of people we introduce to them.

Compelling Business Case

Recruiting a part-time professional makes real business and economic sense. Louise’s research showed that local businesses didn’t think they could afford professionals with proven experience but employing them flexibly makes it affordable.

Reducing hours to three days a week reduces the salary investment by 40% without compromise on the experience or abilities on offer. And if you’re clear about what you want this person to achieve, a lot can be achieved in 20-25 hours a week.

Local Success Story

Tonbridge based Cobwebb Communications Ltd, has grown their business using this flexible recruitment model. “As a growing business in the IT sector, we were looking to employ two new members of staff in the key areas of Finance and Sales and Marketing. We wanted to tap into the local talent pool of professionals that had, for one reason or another, taken a career break and were looking to get back into employment. We approached Ten2Two to help us in this search. They were meticulous in assessing our requirements and searching for the ideal candidates for us to interview. The quality of candidates was exceptional and every one was worth the time we spent interviewing them. In both instances we were left with a difficult but enviable choice. The two new members of staff have made an immediate impact on the business and are a perfect fit with our company culture and ambition. I can’t recommend Ten2Two enough for the service they provided.” Barnaby Webb, Director.

Get Ready

So if you’re thinking about ways to grow your business, why not tap into the fantastic pool of talent at Ten2Two and find yourself a part time professional to support you.


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