Camping is exciting! If you haven’t tried it before and would like some sound advice, it’s probably best to ask elsewhere. Or you can listen to us and give it a go. A good way to start, before you buy up the contents of the nearest camping shop is to try it out by hiring. There are many campsites that have tents already erected taking out the hard work so you can just rock up and enjoy. If you love it and you’re hooked you can start buying your own gear ready for your next adventure.

There are different types of campers:

‘The Hardcore’: who can probably survive in the middle of nowhere and cook food that they’ve caught over a campfire they’ve built by rubbing two bits of wood together. If you think you fall into this category you probably won’t need to read our list of ‘essentials’.

‘The Simplistic’: a tent you crawl into, a sleeping bag, with a thin mat for ‘comfort’, a gas stove to boil a kettle on and a head torch.

‘The Glamper’: big walk in tent, comfy mattress with duvet, a double hob gas cooker and big kitchenette area, including storage shelving, fridge to chill the Prosecco and Parma ham. Will usually book a pitch with electric hookup, which comes in useful for the hair straighteners and coffee machine. Loads the car up, roof box, trailer and still runs out of room.

‘The Diva’: a massive walk-in Teepee tent, already erected with rugs, furniture, lighting, huge comfy king size bed with Egyptian cotton sheets, no kitchenette though as dinner will be served by your staff. Oh and not forgetting the log burning stove.

There are varying scales to all the above types of campers. We easily fall under ‘The Glamper’ category; having chilled fizz is a high priority.

Here’s our guide to having a safe and enjoyable camping trip with everything covered (apart from unforeseen eventualities like flooding or a herd of stampeding cattle).

  • A tent (stating the obvious)
  • Tent pegs A plastic/wooden mallet
  • A tarpaulin/groundsheet for exposed ground areas in the tent entrance
  • Sleeping bag(s)/Duvet (other bedding including pillows, sheet and blanket)
  • Air Bed/Sleeping Mat
  • A cool box/bag(s) and/or fridge (3-way fridge connects to car charger, electric or gas)
  • A gas stove for cooking
  • A supply of gas
  • Matches/lighter Cooking pans/utensils
  • A lantern for night-time
  • A torch
  • Washbag and towel with toiletries
  • Medicine/First aid kit
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Eating/drinking tableware
  • Furniture (camping chairs/table)
  • Clothes/Shoes/Spares
  • A bag for dirty washing
  • Games
  • Insect repellent
  • Toilet roll
  • Washing line and pegs
  • Large water carrier
  • Washing up bowl
  • Duct tape (handy for repairs)
  • Small toolkit
  • Bin bags

If glamping, then the list is endless and can’t possibly be covered here. It’s always a good idea to check online reviews for campsites before booking them for the first time and, at peak season, it’s essential to book in advance.

When all is set up and the weather is on your side, there is something so relaxing about a camping holiday and you don’t have to travel far. Kent has many fabulous campsites whether it’s coast or countryside you prefer.

Happy camping!


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