Summer can be a tough time for your skin and extra care needs to be given to care for your skin.

1 Have a regular facial
Having a facial is an amazing way to cleanse and detox the skin through both climate and seasonal changes. It not only makes your skin cleaner and healthier-looking, but it can also help make your own skin care routine more effective. Facials make a noticeable, positive difference to your skin.

2 Re-evaluate your skin care products
Your skin changes with the seasons and so should the products on your beauty shelf. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is essential if you want your skin to hold up against the effects of the UV rays. Be aware of your skin type when choosing products, using oily skincare products when your skin is norma,l and vice- versa, can cause irritation. This also applies to the sunscreens you use.

3 Moisturise more
Ramp up the moisturiser. A lighter moisturiser with the right ingredients can add a protective layer to your skin, not only protecting it against our unpredictable weather but also reducing skin dehydration.

4 Drink more water
There is nothing better for your skin than to keep it hydrated from the inside. As the temperature increases, so should the amount of water you drink. Aiming for 8 glasses of water a day; is tough, here are three tips that may make it easier for you; 1. Drink a glass of water when you wake up. Your body becomes dehydrated overnight and a glass of water first thing is a great way to put it back on track. 2. Increase your daily intake of fruit and vegetables. As well as having other health benefits they also have a high water content that will help avoid dehydration. 3. Make sure you have water available throughout the day, carry a bottle with you and have a full glass with dinner.

5 Lighten up on the make-up
In the summer it isn’t necessary to wear as much make-up. You can lighten your foundation to a tinted moisturiser. If you are concerned about it lasting, use a dab of primer underneath. This can make a huge difference, as well as making the skin smoother for application. Apply concealer on areas of concern rather than using thick foundation. Opt for a light gloss, bright eyes as well as lips with a light eyeliner and mascara.

“This summer give your skin the treatment it deserves”


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