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Most women I speak to are totally confused about what they should eat to look and feel good. The diet industry is worth billions of £££’s so it is not surprising that we are constantly being bombarded with the latest fad or quick fix ‘solution’.

Have you ever found yourself being drawn in to those adverts on the TV or in magazines? You know the ones, where there are promises made that by eating or using those products you will become happier and thinner in the process! How many of these products have you started using only to fall at the first hurdle?

If you are looking to make changes I have one simple suggestion to get you started on the right track, how about you stop focusing on your weight and start focussing on your health instead.

How many of you jump on the scales each morning and then feel disappointed by what they tell you?

It can be a slippery slope that leads you to start thinking;

Maybe I should skip breakfast?

You start checking the calorie content of everything you eat

You worry that your portion sizes are too big

Instead of worrying about what those dreaded scales tell you, start to notice the foods that you are eating and how those foods make you feel!

Could you commit to changing three things over the next week that would;

  • Give you more energy?
    • Make your brain more alert?
    • Get rid of that bloated feeling?

1 Aim to drink three pints of water a day. This is one of the easiest ways not only to reduce those hunger pangs but also to burn calories. Dehydration slows down the fat burning process.

2 A fast track way to a better body is to ensure you have protein in every meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to get right. A high protein breakfast will leave you fuller for longer. Foods such as eggs, chicken, beef, prawns, lentils, pulses and quinoa are great to start with.

3 Increase the amount of green vegetables you eat. Asparagus, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach and courgettes can help to detox your body.

They may also help to stablise insulin levels which, in turn, may lead to less belly fat. These few small changes can make a massive difference to your body as well as your general health. Surely it’s worth a try rather than forking out on the latest fad products?

Chloe Stephens

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