Why you should incorporate it into your schedule

Have you ever left a salon or spa after a massage and felt ‘wow!’, almost like a new person?

You feel relaxed and ready to tackle the world again, vowing to have another soon because of how incredible you feel? And when do you have the next one? For many, time passes and it could be a year or so before the next one.

The benefits of having massage are huge and here are just a few reasons why it is so good for you:

Physically, massage will:

❤ Release muscle tension
❤ Improve circulation
❤ Stimulate the lymphatic system which also boosts the immune system
❤ Increase joint mobility and range of motion
❤ Help soft tissue injuries heal quicker
❤ Lower blood pressure
❤ Improve posture and breathing
❤ Release endorphins – the body’s natural painkiller
❤ Improve skin tone

In other ways, massage also:
❤ Encourages relaxation and therefore reduces stress hormones and anxiety
❤ Heightens mental alertness and concentration
❤ Increases energy and reduces fatigue
❤ Improves your sleep quality
❤ Reduces medication needs
❤ Relieves headaches

This means that a massage will keep your body feeling younger, healthier, with less aches and pains. It will balance you both physically and mentally. You will feel more relaxed and energised.

Enjoy the results of a regular massage, ideally once a month, alongside exercise and healthy eating. Make sure to invest in your health and wellbeing and stick by that promise you make after a massage, when you’re feeling on top of the world, to have it more regularly, as the benefits will far outweigh the cost you’ll pay for the treatment. Many salons will offer courses of treatments for you to use at your convenience.

If you have any questions on the various types of massage, please feel free to email me clare@thereefspa.com

Clare Cockell



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