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Claire McDonald on what’s important

Born: Lewisham Your current role: Global head of operations and global practice leader, Allianz Multinational – at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty. I look after insurance...

Why women should consider franchising

I have been in the franchise industry now for 20 years, and in in this time, I have witnessed the industry become a colourful...

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The morality of comedy

I recently appeared on BBC Radio 4’s flagship programme, The Moral Maze to discuss the morality of comedy. For those of you unfamiliar with...

Dreamland Margate unveils ‘Everyday Plastic’ artwork for Mural-by-the-Sea

Dreamland Margate has revealed its latest artwork to date as it released the final image for ‘Everyday Plastic’, a huge photograph of all the...

Sharing the secrets of song-writing

Have you ever imagined yourself writing a chart-topping hit? Or writing songs for an album? Lyricists and song-writers over the years have captured our hearts...




A women putting her make-up on in the train. The text "KWIB magazine" and "Commuter concealing" to the left.

Has travelling etiquette gone wrong?

Here at KWIB, having travelled all over the country to bring you the most exciting content we know a thing or two about travel...
The KWIB logo on an image with the text "From corporate to cocktail in 5 minutes" . In the background a woman with a gold sequence top holding a wine glass

The benefits of an integrated wardrobe

‘I have nothing to wear!’ ‘None of my clothes suit me’ ‘Ugh I look awful in these’ Ever had any of these thoughts...

East meets West in a Fashion Explosion

So what’s new to the British fashion scene this year? We caught up with Anunita Majumdar the founder of the innovative and creative brand:...